is ewan mcgregor married

Is Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth still together?

According to the publication, an anonymous family source confirmed that McGregor and Mavrakis had been separated since May. The “Star Wars” actor and the production designer got married in 1995 and share four children, one of whom they adopted: Clare, Jamyan, Esther, and Anouk.20 sep. 2021

Are Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead married?

While this is the actress’s first child, it’s McGregor’s fifth. … McGregor and Winstead first met as costars in late 2016 while filming the third season of the TV show Fargo, but both stars were married at the time.

Is Ewan McGregor currently single?

Ewan and Mary Elizabeth have been together since 2017 after they met on the set of Fargo. The actor’s ex-wife Eve Mavrakis is a production designer he met on the set of the British TV crime series Kavanagh QC. They were married in 1995, splitting in May 2017 after 22 years of marriage.

Is Ewan McGregor back with wife?

The photos led to McGregor divorcing his wife of over 20 years and starting a relationship with Winstead (via The Sun). While some tabloids were quick to suggest that their relationship ended when Winstead was widely named a “homewrecker,” the couple are still very much together as of 2020 (via the Daily Mail).17 dec. 2020

Does Ewan McGregor have a daughter?

Clara Mathilde McGregorJamyan McGregorAnouk McGregorEsther Rose McGregor

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