is fares karam married

Is Fares Karam related to Najwa Karam?

Arab pop stars Najwa Karam and Fares Karam (no relation) will perform at Al Baraha Ballroom in Intercontinental Hotel Festival City, on November 9.6 nov. 2017

Does Fares Karam have children?

Yesterday, Lebanese singer Fares Karam has announced that he’s become a father to a baby girl via Instagram. The star shared a picture of the newborn’s hand holding his finger with his 667k followers, and revealed that her name is ‘Maryam’. Karam captioned the sentimental shot: “I’ve become a father like you my dad..

How tall is Najwa?

Physical Stats and MoreHeight5′ 5″ FeetWeight54 KgFigure Measurement34-28-33Eye ColourBrownHair ColourLight Brown1 rad till

How is Najwa Karam?

Najwa Karam was born in Zahle, Lebanon in February 1966. She has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide and is a best-selling artist in the Middle East….Najwa Karam Net Worth.Net Worth:$55 MillionNationality:Lebanon3 rader till

Is Haifa Wehbe grandmother?

Finally, the baby that launched Haifa Wehbe’s career as a grandmother is upon us. … This bundle of joy officially makes a grandmother out of the singer – who has prematurely been touted as ‘granny’ ever since the pregnancy was announced.16 nov. 2012

Are Haifa Wehbe eyes real?

Bassam captioned the photo ‘A Face of Hope,’ adding ‘PS: Haifa is not wearing lenses’ revealing that Wehbe’s natural eyes’ colour is rare gray-green. Followers were stunned by Haifa’s natural looks.23 aug. 2020

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