is fernando colunga married

Is Blanca Soto married to Fernando Colunga?

Blanca Soto Husband and Esposo After being widowed, Blanca then married American actor Jack Hartnett in 2006 but she later announced their separation via her Twitter handle on November 17, 2011. She is now said to be in a relationship with Telenovela sensation “Fernando Colunga”.

What happened to Fernando Colunga?

Fernando Colunga has been reportedly fired from Televisa after he refused to participate in a new telenovela. … That exclusivity deal is for not doing anything and to be loyal to Televisa, he gets paid more when he signs on to do a project.

Did Thalia and Fernando Colunga date?

Personal life. Thalía was in a relationship with actor Fernando Colunga from 1995 to 1996 while they appeared on the series María la del Barrio. Thalía married music executive Tommy Mottola on 2 December 2000.

How old was Fernando Colunga en Maria la del Barrio?

However, he apologizes to María and she accepts. Fifteen years pass, and Fernando (Nando), now fifteen years old, works as a lottery vendor.

Does Fernando Colunga have Instagram?

Fernando Colunga (@fernandocollunga) • Instagram photos and videos.

Why did Blanca Soto leave woman of steel?

Reports have surfaced that say Soto is not interested in continuing with this project past the current installment, which has forced producers to think about the future of this franchise. First, Soto has lacked the necessary actoral strength this character needs.

Who is Senora Acero in real life?

Michel Duval (born February 10, 1994 in Mexico City) is a Mexican actor, singer, songwriter, composer and model. known for La rosa de Guadalupe, Señora Acero and Atrévete a Soñar.

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