is frank azar married

What is Frank Azar’s real name?

Franklin D. Azar was born in Pueblo, Colorado. While Frank’s father was a district attorney in Trinidad, Colorado, much of Frank Azar’s family worked as ranchers on the family’s ranch..

Who is Frank Azar in Colorado?

Frank Azar, also known as the “strong arm”​, is an accomplished lawyer, whose practice has served the Greater Denver Area for over 30 years. Before starting his own firm, he was the Assistant District Attorney for the Third Judicial District. In 1984 he started Franklin D.

Who is Frank Azar’s wife?

According to the Texas Secretary of State, FDJR Holdings is one of a group of holding companies owned by Azar and/or his wife, Jeanette Renfro Azar.

How much does Frank Azar spend on advertisements?

Azar is the sole donor to Great Judges for a Great Colorado, an independent spending committee that has thus far reported spending nearly $198,000 on television, online and radio ads opposing Moss.

How much does Azar make?

7. Azar — $66.1 million | Business Insider India.

Has Frank Azar had a DUI?

Franklin Azar, a high-profile lawyer with television commercials on the major Denver television stations, was arrested Friday afternoon and booked on charges of drunken driving, following other cars too closely and failure to stay in a single traffic lane. His blood alcohol level was 0.18 percent.4 dic 2021

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