is gabrielle miller married

What is Gabrielle Miller doing now?

Although she’s moved around a lot for work and now lives in Toronto, British Columbia still feels like home to Miller. She and her husband A.J., whom she met in Regina while shooting Corner Gas, own a small B&B in Nelson, a picturesque town in the B.C. southern interior.

How old is Gabrielle Miller?

Gabrielle Sunshine Miller (born November 9, 1973) is a Canadian actress who, since the start of her career in 1993, has appeared in hundreds of television films and series episodes, including leading roles in two of Canada’s most popular concurrently-running series, the sitcom Corner Gas (2004–09) and the comedy-drama …

Who is the girl in trivago commercial?

You’ve no doubt seen this familiar face on your television screens. The trivago girl is Aussie-born actor and musician, Gabrielle Miller, and there’s more to her than meets the eye.

How did Gabrielle Miller make a difference?

Gabrielle Sunshine Miller was born on November 9, 1973 in Vancouver, Canada. … For her role on Corner Gas, Miller won a shared Gemini Awards for Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Program or Series in 2007 and two Leo Awards for Best Performance or Host in a Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series (2005 and 2006).

Who played Lacey Burrows?

Lacey Burrows portrayed by Gabrielle Miller. Lacey Burrows took over the cafe in Dog River after the death of her Aunt Ruby and renamed it in her honour, calling it The Ruby. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, she is perpetually trying to fit into small-town life, with mixed results.

Where is Corner Gas filmed?

The majority of the Corner Gas crew and post-production team for the sitcom were from Saskatchewan. The original show and the movie were both filmed in Saskatchewan. It took 5 weeks to build the Gas Station and The Ruby. Hugh Shankland was the set designer and Danny Scavuzzo and his team built the set.

Who is the Carpet Call lady?

Gabrielle Miller (born July 1986) is an Australian actress, performance artist, musician, tap dancer, mime and puppeteer.

Who is the carpet call girl?

Annette MeltonMelton in 2008BornAnnette Melton 11 July 1985 Sydney, AustraliaNationalityAustralianOccupationactress, television presenter, model2 rader till

Who is the woman in the Aldi commercial?

Cyrina Fiallo (born December 29, 1991) is an American actress….Cyrina FialloOccupationActressYears active2007–present1 rad till

How much is Brent Butt?

Brent Butt Net Worth: Brent Butt is a Canadian actor, comedian and writer who has a net worth of $2 million dollars….Brent Butt Net Worth.Net Worth:$2 MillionProfession:Actor, Screenwriter, Television Director, Television producer, ComedianNationality:Canada2 rader till

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