is gerry cinnamon married

What did Gerry Cinnamon do before he was famous?

Gerry, who was born and raised in Castlemilk, completed his journey from pub singer to recording star when he launched his debut album, Erratic Cinematic, three years ago. His latest release, The Bonny, topped the UK charts in April.12.08.2020

Is Gerry Cinnamon rich?

GERRY Cinnamon banked nearly £400,000 last year, figures reveal. The singer-songwriter, 35, raked in the fortune despite not being signed to a record label. … Gerry, from Castlemilk, Glasgow, also has a second venture, Little Runaway Records, which made £140,226 in the past year.28.12.2019

Is Gerry Cinnamon Scottish?

Gerard Crosbie, or as we fondly know him, Gerry Cinnamon, is a Scottish singer-songwriter known for singing with his native accent and having particularly ‘honest’ lyrics. With hits such as ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Belter’, Gerry has proved incredibly popular since his debut album back in 2017.14.10.2021

Is Castlemilk built on a volcano?

Whilst Edinburgh Castle is world-renowned, Glasgow doesn’t really have the medieval grandeur of a fortified volcano in its city centre. … Castlemilk (also known locally as Chateau Lait of course) on the other hand has, disappointingly, never housed a castle.02.10.2016

Did Gerry Cinnamon take drugs?

Following some experience with cocaine, he began writing songs about his past experiences which he found came easy and has since poured them out in his songs. Gerry began a solo career and originally used the mononym, Cinnamon before adding is real first name.22.03.2020

Who is Gerry Cinnamon manager?

Gerry, 36, of Castlemilk, Glasgow, set up the firms in 2018 as his career started to take off. He is a director of the businesses along with his manager and partner Kayleigh Thorpe.10.01.2021

What is Gerry Cinnamon best song?

Best Gerry Cinnamon Songs of All Time – Top 10 TracksBelter.Where We’re Going.Ghost.Canter.What Have You Done.Sun Queen.Lullaby.Diamonds in the Mud. Fickle McSelfish.Weitere Einträge…

What type of harmonica does Gerry Cinnamon use?

Contact UsTweetSong Name:Kampfire VampireGerry CinnamonPosted By:cameron101BeginnerKey:CGeneralHarp Type:Diatonic3 weitere Zeilen•24.02.2020

Who is Gerry Cinnamon support act?

Travis and Jake Bugg will support Gerry on the Sunday bill.05.11.2021

Why is Gerry Cinnamon named?

Born Gerard Crosbie in Glasgow in October 1984 and raised mostly in Castlemilk and mainly by his mother, Cinnamon’s stage name comes from The Cinnamons, the short-lived band he fronted in the late Noughties with friend and fellow Castlemilk boy Chris Marshall.17.04.2020

Who is supporting Gerry Cinnamon in Belfast?

Belfast band Dea Matrona have been announced as a support act for Gerry Cinnamon, who will perform two gigs in the city next weekend.02.09.2021

Is Castlemilk Glasgow rough?

A CASTLEMILK street has been dubbed the worst road in Glasgow by disgruntled drivers who claim the shocking state of the ground is damaging their cars. Machrie Road, near to St Bartholomews Primary School, has been blasted over the amount of cracks and potholes on its length.08.08.2012

Who owns Castlemilk estate Lockerbie?

Castlemilk EstatesEstateCastlemilk EstatesOwnerSir Archibald BC Edmonstone and Andrew RJ Buchanan-Jardine as Trustees under deed of trust of Sir Andrew RJ Buchanan-Jardine,& TrustsOwner AddressEstate Office Norwood LOCKERBIE DG11 2QXProperty AddressWebsiten/a9 weitere Zeilen

What is the biggest housing scheme in Glasgow?

What’s Happened To Easterhouse: the Most Notorious Housing Scheme in Glasgow. Tony Blair, Princess Diana and the former French President Jacques Chirac have all visited for fleeting hand-wringing looks at how the destitute subsist on this most notorious of “sink-estates”.14.11.2016

What is a canter Scottish slang?

“Canter just means easy. It’s the Glaswegian definition of an equestrian term.17.04.2020

How do I contact Gerry Cinnamon?

CALL US TODAY (725) 228-5100 and speak with a CTI Gerry Cinnamon booking agent to get direct availability and pricing for having this talent to work your event.

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