is granger smith married

Is Granger Smith still married?

The pair married on February 11, 2010 and still live in their home state of Texas. On June 5, 2019, Granger and Amber tragically lost their 3-year-old son, River, due to accidental drowning. … The couple are also the parents of daughter London and son Lincoln.7 feb. 2022

Who did Granger Smith marry?

Personal life. He married Amber Emily Bartlett on February 11, 2010. They met on the set of the music video for Smith’s song “Don’t Listen to the Radio”, and she has been featured in several of his music videos since. The couple have one daughter and three sons.

Does Granger Smith have a kid?

River Kelly SmithMaverick Beckham SmithLincoln Monarch SmithLondon Smith

How old is Amber Smith’s wife?

In an Instagram Story post on Tuesday, Amber, 39, shared several screenshots of criticism she had received, including an accusation that Amber and Granger, 41, were replacing River — who died at the age of 3 after a tragic drowning accident in 2019 — with their newborn baby.24 aug. 2021

Does Granger Smith have a twin?

Granger Smith’s younger brother Tyler Smith is a contestant on the new season of The Bachelorette. He is Granger’s middle brother, as the siblings also have younger brother Parker, 26.

What is Granger Smith baby name?

River Kelly SmithMaverick Beckham SmithLincoln Monarch SmithLondon Smith

Does Granger Smith actually dip?

​Granger Smith doesn t technically chew tobacco, but he knows how to put a good dip in. For the encore of every live show, he throws on a pair of his high-school overalls and a trucker hat, cracks open an ice-cold silver bullet, packs a dip into his lip and returns to the stage as someone else: Earl Dibbles Jr.12 jan. 2016

Is Granger Smith rich?

Granger Smith net worth: Granger Smith is an American country music singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $6 million….Granger Smith Net Worth.Net Worth:$6 MillionDate of Birth:Sep 4, 1979 (42 years old)Place of Birth:Dallas, TexasGender:MaleProfession:Singer-songwriter

Is Granger Smith and Aggie?

Following his graduation from LHHS in 1998, Granger was off to College Station to attend Texas A&M. … Album releases followed in 2005, 2006 and 2007, including the hit We Bleed Maroon CD featuring the song of the same name – a tribute to the university he loves and his fellow Aggies.19 okt. 2009

Who is Tyler Yee Yee?

Co-founder of Yee Yee Apparel, manager of country artist Granger Smith and uncle to London, Linc and Riv.

Did Granger Smith’s wife have her baby?

Granger Smith and Amber Smith have welcomed a new child after losing their son more than two years ago. The country music singer’s wife gave birth to a baby boy, Maverick Beckham Smith, in Round Rock, Texas on Friday, Aug. 20.20 aug. 2021

How many kids does Granger and Amber Smith have?

The couple also have two other children, daughter London, 9, and son Lincoln, 7. Granger and Amber Smith opened up about the loss of their late son and the meaning behind the name they chose for their new baby, Maverick, back in May. Both boys’ names have the letters R, I and V in them.21 aug. 2021

How did Granger Smith lose his child?

Two years ago, Amber and Granger’s 3-year-old son died in a drowning accident at their Texas home. The couple previously told Today that the pool was enclosed by a gate, but River somehow slipped into the water without them noticing. “I was 20 feet away,” Granger remembered.24 aug. 2021

What movie is Granger Smith in?

Director and writer Vickie Bronaugh approached him with an offer to star in her forthcoming film, Moonrise – and the singer jumped at the opportunity. The country hitmaker took to social media on Sunday (Feb.13) to reveal he’s completed filming Moonrise and spoke highly about his first-time acting experience.för 6 dagar sedan

Does Granger Smith have brothers?

Parker SmithTyler Smith

How old is Parker Smith Granger Smith’s brother?

Tyler Smith, 36, is Granger Smith’s middle brother. The new reality TV star and the country singer, 40, also have a younger brother, Parker, who is 26.

Is Granger Smith independent?

Smith has released six of his seven studio albums though his own independent record label, but he says that with BBR Music Group, he’s finally found a larger label with which he feels comfortable working. …14 aug. 2015

Does Granger Smith have a new baby?

The newest member of the Smith family is here! Granger and Amber Smith welcomed their fourth child together, son Maverick Beckham Smith, on Friday, Aug. 20, the proud dad announced the same day on Instagram. The newborn arrived at 12:45 p.m. CT in Round Rock, Texas, and weighed 7 lbs., measuring 20 inches long.20 aug. 2021

Does Granger Smith have a son?

River Kelly SmithLincoln Monarch Smith

How did river Smith get in the pool?

The boy drowned in early June at the family’s Texas home, leading Granger Smith to cancel his CMA Music Festival performance in Nashville. According to the Travis County medical examiner’s report, River was found submerged in the family’s backyard swimming pool after playing with his siblings.

What is Yee Yee farm?

Yee Yee Farm. The Capitol of Yee Yee Nation. Headquarters of: 🇺🇸 @GrangerSmith. 🇺🇸 @EarlDibblesJr.

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