is heidi daus married

Who is Heidi Daus husband?

Trembulak said the applicant/developer Mitchell MacGregor, husband of Heidi Daus and president of Heidi Daus Enteprises, LLC, proposed to enlarge the existing building by raising the roof on a portion of the building in order to provide the additional storage space.12 nov. 2018

Where does Heidi Daus live?

Heidi Daus Limited 68 Forest St Montclair, NJ Jewelry Designers – MapQuest.

How long has Heidi Daus been in business?

A pioneer and leader of the statement jewelry concept, since 1981 Heidi Daus has created some of the world’s most spectacular pieces of jewelry.

Where is Heidi Daus jewelry manufactured?

Each piece of jewelry is carefully designed and engineered in Montclair, New Jersey. Most importantly, they’re made to withstand the test of time.

Who is Heidi Daus?

About Company. Heidi has been designing high end fashion jewelry for over 35 years. … It’s a sisterhood of sorts that is sure to create a special bond when a fan spots a Heidi design in a crowd. This jewelry collection is unique in style, artistry and color and it is what sets a Heidi Daus piece apart from all others.

What is Heidi Daus jewelry made of?

Materials used in Heidi Daus jewelry The main metals used for these pieces can be anything from alloy, brass, and bronze to silver-plated metal, gold-plated metal, and platinum-plated metal. The additional materials that are used in these pieces can be: Enamel. Fabric.

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