is hill harper married

Was Hill Harper ever on ER?

ER (TV Series 1994–2009) – Hill Harper as Mr. Jackson – IMDb.

Who dated Hill Harper?

Hill Harper Once Dated Taraji P. Henson And Regina Hall: | Majic 102.1.

How can I contact Hill Harper?

Hill Harper Email Address

When did Hill Harper get married?

In April 2019, they shared their plans to get married soon. Hill will obviously get hitched to the woman he loves soon. He also has a son that he adopted after he got a call in 2015 asking him to do so. By 2017, the adoption was made final.

Was Hill Harper in Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Harper has appeared in a number of prime-time television shows and feature films including For Colored Girls, The Sopranos, ER, The Game, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Lackawanna Blues, He Got Game, The Skulls, In Too Deep, The Nephew and The Visit.01.02.2012

What college did Hill Harper go to?

Harvard UniversityHarvard Law SchoolBrown University

Where is Hill Harper?

Although Harper earned three Ivy League degrees, he decided to pursue acting and moved to Los Angeles. He has received several honorary degrees, including honorary doctorates from both Westfield State College and Howard University.

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