is ian macca mcnamara married

Does Macca have a partner?

Lee Kelly (Kell) is Macca’s producer. She’s also his wife. Together they’re a seasoned couple of broadcasters with a well organised routine. Or so it sounds when you’re lying in bed with a cup of tea and Vegemite on a Sunday morning.19 nov. 2017

How old is Lee Kelly?

Lee Kelly (born 1932) is an American sculptor who has more than 30 sculptures on display between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Kelly has been called “Oregon’s sculptor”….Lee KellyBorn1932 (age 89–90) McCall, IdahoAlma materPortland State University Portland Art Museum School2 rader till

Who is Lee Kelly?

Lee Kelly is CEDA’s new State Director in NSW and the ACT, following five years as CEDA’s Associate Director in NSW. … Lee Kelly is CEDA’s new State Director in NSW and the ACT.

How old is Macca on the ABC?

Ian McNamara AM age 56.

Is Ian Thorpe in a relationship?

Ian has not confirmed any recent relationships. And despite their split, Ian and Ryan have still remained good friends. In fact, the former couple are so close that they were photographed having dinner together in Sydney in July 2020 with Ryan’s new fiancé Leevon Baptiste.7 okt. 2021

What band was Ian McNamara in?

Ian McNamara hits the road with his Gumboot Band and special guests, with a concert tour to celebrate his more than 30 years of ‘Australia All Over’, the legendary ABC Sunday morning radio show that connects Aussies all over this wide brown land, and around the world.

How old is Ian McNamara ABC?

Radio broadcaster Ian Mcnamara was born on 17th December 1951, making him 71 years old.

When did Macca start Australia All Over?

Australia All Over is a long-running weekly Sunday morning radio program produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The show airs each Sunday morning from 5:30am until 10am on the ABC Local Radio network and has been continuously presented by Ian McNamara since 1985.

What is Tony Delroy doing now?

Delroy commenced working in news radio on Sydney station 2SM while completing his schooling. He joined the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and worked on-air in Bathurst while studying journalism. … Delroy retired on 2 September 2016, after 26 years hosting Nightlife and 30 years with the ABC.

How old is Trevor Chappell ABC?

ABC presenter Trevor Chappell celebrates his real birthday for the first time, aged 60.5 apr. 2021

What is the frequency for ABC Radio?

Appendix 12 – Radio transmission frequenciesABC RadioStateArea ServedFrequencyNSWWalcha88.5NSWWalgett105.9NSWWilcannia1584126 rader till

Who is Ian Thorpes current partner?

Thorpe is now rumoured to be dating Nick Hudson, an associate director for a large accounting firm.8 sep. 2021

Did Ian Thorpe use drugs?

Ian Thorpe, an Australian freestyle swimmer and five-time Olympic gold medalist, was targeted in the 2000s for criticism alleging his athletic achievements have been fueled by the use of performance-enhancing drugs, and steroid drug doping. Despite numerous tests no proof of these allegations has ever materialized.

Is Ian Thorpe a father?

Ian Thorpe has always been a daddy, but now he’s going to be a father. The Olympic Swimmer and everyone’s childhood crush has just announced that he and his beau Ryan Channing are in the early stages of becoming parents through a US surrogate.24 jan. 2019

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