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Who is the face of Alan Wake?

Ilkka Villi (born August 4, 1975) is a Finnish actor known for his roles as the physical model for Alan Wake and his evil doppelganger, Mr. Scratch, although in both cases, even during live-action footage, Villi’s voice is dubbed over by voice actor Matthew Porretta.

Who plays Alan Wake in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 has the original actors and is third-person First, that both Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta would return as Alan Wake, with Villi being Alan’s face model and Porretta being his voice actor.15 dec. 2021

Is Quantum Break related to Alan Wake?

Alan Wake makes several references to Max Payne through Alan Wake’s profession as a crime author. … Similarly, Quantum Break features a various Alan Wake references, from the author himself, Alex Casey and obscure series elements, including references to the promotional Alternate reality game blog, This House of Dreams.

Does Alan Wake find his wife?

Instead, the Dark Presence is holding Alice at the bottom of Cauldron Lake. Alan sets out to save her using the clicker. Eventually, Alan overcomes the Dark Presence and rewrites the ending to Departure. … Scratch will find her and they will live on, or that now she is aware of the Dark Presence and fights against it.

Who is Mr. Scratch in Alan Wake?

Scratch is the main antagonist of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. He first appeared at the end of Alan Wake, and is a mentioned in AWE, the second expansion of Control. He is a doppelgänger of Alan Wake.

Who plays Dylan in Control?

Trivia. Dylan Faden is portrayed by Sean Durrie, who previously appeared in Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break.

Who plays Dr darling?

Matthew Porretta is an American actor. In Control, he portrays the character of Dr. Casper Darling. He also performs the voice of Alan Wake.

Who is the actor in Control?

Courtney Hope is an American actress. In Control, she portrays the protagonist and player character Jesse Faden.

Where is Bright Falls Alan Wake?

Bright Falls is located near Cauldron Lake, the fourth-deepest lake on Earth, located in a volcanic caldera. At the bottom of Cauldron Lake is a worn place in reality that leads to the Dark Place, an alternate dimension of thought and imagination.

Is Martin hatch a shifter?

Hatch is identified by Monarch as a “shifter”, a hostile life form distorted by Chronon energy. However, unlike those they’ve encountered, Hatch can control his multiple selves and maintains his physical self in the present timeline with the use of eyedrops infused with Chronon.

Will Jesse be in Alan Wake 2?

While a Control-themed extension like DLC would be warranted and welcome to Alan Wake 2, Remedy has the additional opportunity to bring Jesse Faden’s character directly into the sequel game’s world. Alan Wake 2 has immediately become one of most anticipated video games of the next few years.20 dec. 2021

Does Martin Hatch Mr door?

Mr. Door is possibly an allusion to the character Martin Hatch from Quantum Break, who is himself a “shifter” who moves between parallel timelines.

How does Alan Wake end?

Alan encounters Jagger and destroys her with the Clicker; realizing he must maintain balance in the story, Alan completes Departure by freeing Alice, but strands himself in the Dark Place in the process. Finishing Departure, Alan writes the final line – “It’s not a lake, it’s an ocean.”

How is Control related to Alan Wake?

Alan Wake shares continuity with Control within the Remedy Connected Universe, a larger shared universe of games created by Remedy Entertainment. Control contains various in-universe references to the events and characters of Alan Wake, including cameos by the titular character.

Is Alice alive in Alan Wake?

After a conversation earlier on, Alan realises that the reason Zane failed in his quest was that he didn’t sacrifice himself. Therefore, Alan trades his life for Alice’s. He then fades into the darkness as Alice is seen climbing out of the lake. This means that Alice doesn’t die in Alan Wake.5 okt. 2021

Who is the villain in Alan Wake?

Dr. Emil Hartman is a major antagonist in Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake, and the secondary antagonist of the 2020 DLC Control: AWE, the second expansion of the 2019 action adventure video game Control.

Is Alan Wake’s American Nightmare canon?

Missing from the release, however, is Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. The game is a more action-packed story within the world, features a more pulpy tone, and even has a time loop in it. Its exclusion from the release has pretty much confirmed that it is not canon, but there is also nothing truly contradicting it.12 okt. 2021

What is the darkness in Alan Wake?

Alan Wake is trapped in the Dark Place, the shadowy dimension with a doorway deep in Cauldron Lake. The Dark Place has the power to turn artistic creations into reality, and is the origin for the evil Dark Presence that torments you throughout the game.5 okt. 2021

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