is inspector morse married

Does Inspector Morse marry Joan Thursday?

Joan Thursday and Endeavour Morse can’t end up together. … Colin Dexter’s Inspector is destined to remain unmarried and to live out his days alone, in the very house that Endeavour fans saw him buy in the series six finale.22 sep. 2021

What is the name of Morse’s wife?

Endeavour: Original Morse John Thaw’s wife Sheila Hancock on why she was in the Inspector Morse prequel | Radio Times.29 jan. 2017

Does Inspector Morse have a daughter?

The Oxford set detective series is giving fans a special treat this evening with another special cameo from the spawn of the original Morse. Abigail Thaw, the daughter of the John Thaw CBE who played Inspector Morse which the prequel is based on, will be back on our screens once more.

Did Morse have a girlfriend?

Season four of Endeavour saw a moment where Morse proposed to Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers) in an emotionally-charged scene. There was previously chemistry between the two characters but due to Joan being the daughter of Morse’s partner and mentor Fred Thursday (Roger Allam), it wasn’t going to get very far.22 jan. 2021

Is the actor who plays Endeavour married?

He is married to actress Rebecca Saire and has two sons, William who is an an actor, and Thomas.

Do Morse and Joan get together?

Of course, the original Morse season confirms that Joan and Endeavour never end up becoming a couple, as the detective lives out his older days as a single man.20 sep. 2021

Is Strange married in Morse?

Having never married or fathered children, ending the ongoing prequel series by giving Morse a long-term partner would be a major contradiction. Even so, many fans have been wrapped up in Morse and Joan’s undeniable chemistry over the course of the series so far.23 sep. 2021

Who was John Thaw’s wife?

Sheila Hancockm. 1973–2002Sally Alexanderm. 1964–1968

How did Morse end?

Inspector Morse also appears in several stories in Dexter’s short story collection, Morse’s Greatest Mystery and Other Stories (1993, expanded edition 1994). Dexter killed off Morse in his last book, The Remorseful Day. Morse dies in hospital from a heart attack, caused by his years of drinking, damaging his arteries.

Who are Abigail Thaw’s parents?

John ThawSally Alexander

Who is John thaws daughter in Endeavour?

Roger Allam costars as Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, and Abigail Thaw, daughter of Inspector Morse star John Thaw, makes special guest appearances as Dorothea Frazil.

Does Morse fall in love?

There’s even some romance for Morse, who becomes involved with a French photojournalist, Claudine, in episode three. … ‘The relationship shows a different side to the character, although I can reveal it ends in tears – obviously! Morse is never lucky in love. ‘2 feb. 2018

Why did Morse and Susan break up?

Morse’s ex-fiancee All TV-series are a bit shady on the exact reasons why it didn’t work out but according to the books her mother got seriously ill and she decided that she could not care for her and keep up the engagement so she broke off with him.

Why is Morse called Endeavour?

Named after the champion crossword setter Jeremy Morse, Endeavour is extremely adept at crossword puzzles, a talent which has served him well when dealing with the peculiar murders which take place in his Oxford.

Was Inspector Morse an alcoholic?

Further bad news: he was an alcoholic depressive who was viciously cruel to Hancock and their daughter Joanna, and Abigail (by his first marriage to wealthy Sally Alexander) and Melanie by Hancock’s marriage to actor Alec Ross (who coincidentally died with cancer of the oesophagus, as did Thaw in 2002).11 nov. 2004

Why did Thursdays daughter leave in Endeavour?

It was a different time and Fred Thursday was from a different period to how father’s viewed their daughter’s. In his eyes women don’t leave home till they are married. This is probably why she left. Not to spite her parents but to enjoy the freedoms that she saw her friends enjoying.

Is Fred Thursday mentioned in Morse?

Speaking to, Evans explained that the new series would reveal why Fred isn’t mentioned in the original drama series Inspector Morse (starring John Thaw) or in author Colin Dexter’s book series of the same name — potentially spelling a major fall-out between the two detectives.9 feb. 2020

Is there a series 9 of Endeavour?

The Endeavour Season 9 is yet to be confirmed, with actors once emphasizing that the future of the game will depend on how the eighth season meets the audience. … Shawn Evans previously told The Observer, “We want to see how these three films are taken [in season eight] and decide to think more about it.11 jan. 2022

Is Endeavour coming back in 2021?

Confirmed: Endeavour season eight will air from Sunday 12th September at 8pm on ITV. … It was announced in April 2021 that filming had begun on Endeavour season eight, with series lead Shaun Evans also directing the first of the three films.25 aug. 2021

What happens to Thursday in Endeavour?

The episode ended with Thursday finally getting his priorities right, handing the case reins to Morse and heading home to wait for news. But news came there none. Not a letter, or a phone call, or a silent montage of Sam happily AWOL with a local girl (offered as one possible explanation for his disappearance).12 okt. 2021

Is Shaun Evans married to Andrea Corr?

“I am not married by my own choice, not because no one wanted to marry me.” However, Andrea went on to tie the knot in 2009 to Irish powerbroker Brett Desmond, and together they have two children.12 sep. 2021

Do Morse and Joan ever kiss?

EXCLUSIVE: “We haven’t even kissed” Endeavour’s Joan Thursday on getting together with Morse, what happens next and our DVD Series 8 giveaway.13 okt. 2021

Why are Morse and strange living together?

Both Morse and Strange tell others they’re living together for a year to save money up to be able to buy houses. Morse tells Joan that their home life is “hardly the yellow house” (referring to Van Gogh and Gaugin’s turbulent time living together).30 apr. 2018

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