is jack randall married

Does Jack Randall love Jamie?

Black Jack seemed obsessed with Jamie after first raiding his home at Lallybroch where the Scotsman stood up for himself and his sister Jenny (Laura Donnelly). … However, Black Jack continued on mercilessly as he lashed at Jamie’s back, scarring him for life and nearly killing him in the process.

Is Jack Randall in love with his brother?

He loved him, it was obvious that if BJR cared about anyone it was his little brother, but it never felt romantic (hide spoiler)]. So, my thoughts are that he WASN’T meaning his brother. That makes sense that it was the boy who killed himself whose Bible then went to Jamie.

How did Jack Randall have a child?

In 1746, Randall married Mary Hawkins, who bore him a son, Denys.

Is Claire related to Jack Randall?

Although Frank had believed that he had been related directly related to the Scottish Captain after tracing his ancestral line back to him, Claire later discovered that he was actually related to Randall’s brother, Alex.

Who does Jamie Fraser sleep with?

Among these is one moment in season three when Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) slept with Mary McNab (Emma Campbell-Jones). The scene took place after Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) returned to the future shortly before the Battle of Culloden after Jamie feared for the safety of his wife and their unborn child.

Do Claire and Jamie end up together?

They stay together for 20 years before Frank dies and Claire goes back to Jamie. However, there’s a moment in later Outlander books where Claire believes that Jamie has died. She needs protection again, and it’s Lord John Grey who steps in to help. The two get married, and they even consummate that marriage.

Is Captain Randall Claire’s husband?

After the death of her parents, Claire was raised by her uncle, Quentin Lambert Beauchamp, an archaeologist and historian. In the 20th century, she is married to historian Frank Randall. He also dies in a car accident, 20 years after she returns to him.

Why does Jack Randall look like Frank?

When Outlander was adapted for the screen, the creators made the decision to have Frank and Black Jack played by the same actor. The idea behind this mainly seemed to be down to the source material. In Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon, the two characters are described as looking exactly alike.

What did Jack Randall want from Jamie?

Flogging Jamie To Make A Point In “The Garrison Commander,” Black Jack Randall also had a conversation with Claire, in which he informed her of how he’d whipped Jamie for trying to escape. He sarcastically told her that he had ordered a corporal to give Jamie one hundred lashes but he did not break.

Did Claire sleep with the King?

Prepare for copious weeping, because the Saturday, May 21, episode of Outlander is best described as an emotional roller coaster. Not only did Claire (Caitriona Balfe) lose her baby daughter, she ended up having sex with the king of France (Lionel Lingelser), and we flashed forward in time to 1954.

Why did Jack Randall marry Mary Hawkins?

Randall ended up marrying Mary Hawkins—the fiance of his brother Alex—in the episode “Hail Mary.” He did this after plenty of convincing from Claire and Alex. Claire wanted Randall to marry Mary because if he didn’t, her future husband Frank wouldn’t exist. Frank was a descendant of Black Jack Randall.

Did Claire sleep with King Louis?

When Jamie goes to jail for illegally dueling Black Jack Randall in Paris, he’s imprisoned in the Bastille. Claire, who miscarried their daughter Faith, goes to meet the king and plead for him to free Jamie so they can return to Scotland.

What happens to Laoghaire in Outlander?

Laoghaire is still connected to the Frasers Her daughter, Marsali, married Jamie’s adopted son, Fergus (César Domboy), and she lives on Fraser’s Ridge as part of the Fraser family.1 gen 2021

Did Jamie and Laoghaire have a child?

Marsali is Laoghaire’s daughter, and Claire doesn’t like her at first (nor does Marsali like Claire). … She’s still not a child of Claire and Jamie’s, but she is part of the family. Roger becomes part of the family too. But in the strictest of senses, Claire and Jamie only have two children.9 set 2021

Does Claire know William is Jamie’s son?

Claire didn’t know anything about Jamie’s son. Lord John Grey shows her a miniature, explaining Jamie has a copy of it (and that’s what she saw in the previous chapter), and tells Claire the story of when Jamie asked him to care for Willie.

Does Jamie sleep with Lord John?

Claire, remembering a similar anniversary gift Jamie had given to her a decade earlier, faints. A week after her marriage to Lord John, she and John drunkenly sleep together. The following morning, both talk about Jamie and admit they are using each other to connect with Jamie’s memory.

Is Jamie unfaithful to Claire?

The plotline may have led some to consider whether Jamie cheats on Claire in the novel – however, this isn’t the case. … While Jamie doesn’t cheat on Claire, the accusations will rock Fraser’s Ridge as his honour is called into question.

How old is Jamie Fraser when he dies?

One thing which is clear, Jamie is technically dead when his ghost travels to the future and Gabaldon has confirmed the Highlander will be roughly 25-year-old when this happens.2 mar 2021

Does Claire love Jamie or Frank?

In season one Claire was first introduced as a nurse married to her husband Frank in the 1940s. However, through a series of unexplained events, she was catapulted into the past where she met a young Jamie. The pair married and eventually fell in love, leaving Claire tortured over who to be with.5 dic 2020

Why do Jamie and Claire get separated?

Jamie and Claire were separated for 20 years during which the characters went through some significant experiences. … Although Claire tried to make it work with Frank, her love for Jamie was too strong and she couldn’t let go of the Highlander, often fantasizing about him.3 dic 2020

Why did Claire choose Jamie over Frank?

The choice showed her love for Jamie and her desire to see his childhood home and estate of Lallybroch fed into this. This scene confirmed the path Claire planned to take for the rest of her life, letting go of Frank and all she had known before.9 nov 2020

Do Claire and Frank get divorced?

In “All Debts Paid,” Frank and Claire’s relationship ended after the historian demanded a divorce and told her that he was moving to England. … She also tells him their relationship would never have gotten back on course because she would have always loved Jamie.

Does Frank cheat on Claire?

Yes, he had some stipulations (different stipulations in the show and in the Outlander books), but he was still there for Claire and he loved Brianna. Hate for Frank comes from a variety of reasons. One of those is this perception that he had affairs, something that Diana Gabaldon says didn’t happen.

Is Frank related to Jack Randall?

They are very distantly related, but not in the way Claire thinks they are in the first two books. Frank is actually a direct descendant of Alex Randall, Jack Black Randall’s brother.

Who was standing outside Claire’s window in Outlander?

Viewers never got to see the man’s face, but his Scottish kilt and the fact that he’s seen staring up at Claire Fraser (Caitríona Balfe) through a window suggests he’s Jamie Fraser, Claire’s husband from the 18th century.

How are Frank and Black Jack Randall related?

Black Jack and Frank Randall are related but not directly. This was something Claire only learned because she was in the past and because she got to know Mary Hawkins. … However, Alex died ill, and rather than leave Mary destitute, he asked for his brother, Jonathan, to marry Mary.

Does Jamie recover from Randall?

Claire rescues Jamie, but not before he has suffered rape and torture by Randall. They, along with Murtagh, escape to France, where Jamie eventually starts to heal.

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