is james van der beek married

Who is James Vanderbeeks wife?

Kimberly Van Der Beekfrån 2010Heather McComb2003–2010

What religion is James Van Der Beek and his wife?

10 facts on James Van Der Beek However, in a recent interview, he told me that he was brought up in a Christian family. James is still not public about his religion. He married Kimberly Brook back in the year 2010 and their marriage was a spiritual ceremony held at Kabbalah Center in Israel.

Did James Van Der Beek have another baby?

The couple previously experienced two late-term pregnancy losses. James Van Der Beek and his wife, Kimberly, have welcomed their sixth child, a boy. “Humbled and overjoyed to announce the safe, happy arrival of Jeremiah Van Der Beek.22 nov. 2021

What does Kimberly Brook do for a living?


What happened to James Van Der Beek and his wife?

I’m dancing for you, I’m dancing for us, so here we go, babe.” In June 2020, James took to Instagram to reveal that his wife had suffered yet another miscarriage, 17 weeks into her pregnancy. “After suffering a brutal, very public miscarriage last November, this time we kept the news to ourselves,” he wrote.

Are James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson friends?

Ironically enough, Van Der Beek and Jackson were not very good friends at the time. To take it a step further, it became evident to the cast and crew that the two actors were even having difficulty getting along, according to Buzzfeed. As a result, the writers started purposefully writing scenes without them together.12 okt. 2020

What did James Van Der Beek do?

James William Van Der Beek (/ˌvændərˈbiːk/; born March 8, 1977) is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Dawson Leery in the WB series Dawson’s Creek and Johnny “Mox” Moxon in Varsity Blues (1999).

How old was Katie Holmes during Dawson’s Creek?

I was six years old when Dawson’s Creek first aired on the WB in January 1998, but it wasn’t until my late 20s, when the show started streaming on Netflix, that I convinced my husband to watch with me, start to finish.

How does James Van Der Beek make money?

James Van Der Beek is a multi-millionaire In the settlement, Van Der Beek kept their home in North Hollywood, the bank accounts, and all of the residuals from his acting and rights to the projects he created. Ironically, when he was done paying out McComb, his Dawson’s Creek money was also gone.7 jan. 2021

How did James Vander Beek meet his wife?

How did James and Kimberly Van Der Beek meet? Kimberly was a business consultant when she met James. For their wedding, the couple had an intimate ceremony at the Kabbalah Center near Dizengoff Plaza in Tel Aviv, Israel: the same place where they reportedly met in 2009 and began dating in July of that year.19 okt. 2020

When did James Van Der Beek get married?

August 1, 2010 (Kimberly Van Der Beek)July 5, 2003 (Heather McComb)

Did any of Dawson’s Creek cast date?

Joey and Pacey had a rollercoaster of a relationship during Dawson’s Creek, as Holmes and Jackson dating off screen. The costars casually began seeing each other in 1997, but did not last long-term.2 nov. 2021

Are Pacey and Dawson friends?

Pacey and Dawson became friends as kids, likely around the time they were five. They’ve always lived in different worlds, which Dawson is somewhat aware of in their teen years. … As a result, Pacey doesn’t like being in his own house and his friendship with Dawson alleviates his circumstances a bit.

Who is Joshua Jackson’s wife?

Jackson lives in that Topanga home today, along with Janie and his wife, Queen & Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith, whom he met at a party in 2018 and married in the years since, though details of their wedding were never shared publicly.

How old was James Van Der Beek when he played Dawson?

As Insider notes, James Van Der Beek was the star of the show. As the titular character, he was the emotional center. However, while Dawson was a young high schooler at the series’ beginning, Van Der Beek was twenty years old.5 maj 2021

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