is jane seymour married

Is Jane Seymour in a relationship?

Jane has been dating producer and director, David Gree, for six years. She told the Daily Mail in 2018: ‘We had been friends first, but fell for each other over lunch one day after we had been, shall we say, released from our marriages.

Who is Jane Seymour married to today?

Between 1981 and 1992, Seymour was married to British businessman David Flynn, who is the father of her eldest children Katherine, 39, and Sean, 35. American actor and filmmaker James Keach is Seymour’s most recent husband — they were married from 1993 to 2015 and share twin sons Kristopher and John, now 25.

Who is Jane Seymour’s daughter?

The marriage produced two children: former actress and current cyber safety entrepreneur Katherine Flynn (born on 7 February 1982) and Sean Flynn (born on 31 July 1985).

Did Jane Seymour ever date Joe Lando?

Seymour and Lando also dated for a brief time and broke up while they were both still working on the show. Following their break up, the two stars remained professional with one another but only spoke on set when they were filming dialogue.

Does Jane Seymour play ON B+?

Jane Seymour talked about her character Bette on “B Positive” and described her as being outrageous with a big heart. She said the show has a great cast and she is having a lot of fun. “B Positive” airs at 9:30 p.m. Thursdays on CBS.

Where is Jane Seymour today?

The former Live and Let Die star resides in a luxurious oceanfront property in Malibu, California. Jane’s enviable residence sits on a coastal hill overlooking the ocean and boasts more than 6,300 square feet.

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