is jason on e news still married

Do Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs have children?

It’s a boy! On Wednesday, soon-to-be parents Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs revealed on Instagram that they are expecting a baby boy this spring. The exciting update comes one month after they shared their pregnancy news exclusively to PEOPLE.21 okt. 2021

Does Jason Kennedy have a baby?

The secret’s out! Pregnant Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy have a baby boy on the way.21 okt. 2021

Is Lauren Scruggs married?

Personal life. On May 30, 2014, Scruggs became engaged to television personality Jason Kennedy. The couple were married on December 12, 2014.

What happened to Jason Kennedy wife?

The 33-year-old accidentally walked into a spinning plane propeller, losing her left eye, severing her left hand, and suffered a brain injury. In August 2012, she made her first public appearance following the accident in an interview on the Today show.8 sep. 2021

Where did Jason Kennedy go?

Did Jason Kennedy Move to New York? The veteran host did not join E! News this year when they moved their set from Los Angeles over to the east coast in New York City. He continues to live in Los Angeles with his wife of 6 years, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy.

Is Jason Kennedy related to JFK?

Jason Kennedy wed his bride Lauren Scruggs on Dec. … Jason may be a famous Kennedy with the full name of Robert Jason Kennedy, but he isn’t a member of the Kennedy family. The E! host has no relation to the famous clan outside of sharing a moniker.22 dec. 2014

How old is Jason and Lauren Kennedy?

Jason Kennedy and wife Lauren Scruggs revealed on Wednesday they are expecting their first child. The former E! on-air star, 38, and the fashion model, 32, shared a video on Instagram where they were looking in disbelief at her positive pregnancy test.8 sep. 2021

How did Lauren Scruggs walk into a propeller?

The pilot shut off the plane engine when he heard someone shout, “Stop, stop,” and saw Scruggs’ body on the ground, according to a federal report. … 3 accident in which she walked into the small plane’s moving propeller and lost a hand and her left eye.17 jan. 2012

Who is Lauren and Jason?

Former E! News host Jason Kennedy and wife Lauren Scruggs Kennedy gave Daily Pop co-host Erin Lim Rhodes an exclusive tour of their nursery, plus detailed their four-and-a-half year process to conceive. The couple, who wed in 2014, started to open up about their IVF journey with fans in January.23 sep. 2021

Who are Lauren Scruggs parents?

Cheryl ScruggsJeff Scruggs

What is Jason Kennedy salary?

over pay disparity. Catt Sadler quit E! this week after she learned she was making nearly half as much as her colleague Jason Kennedy. “The Daily Pop” host was reportedly making $600,000, while Kennedy was raking in between $1 million and $1.2 million, a source close to the network revealed to Us magazine.23 dec. 2017

What happened to Jason Kennedy from E news?

The former E! personality announced his departure Monday morning in an Instagram post. “Most recently, I loved being the host of ‘In the Room,’ but COVID restrictions made it impossible to capture interviews with celebrities in a more personal setting, so I’ve decided to explore new opportunities,” the host wrote.

What happened to Lauren Kennedys arm?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy nearly died when she was hit by a spinning plane propeller in December 2011. She suffered traumatic brain injury, and the loss of her left hand and her left eye.

Did Lauren Scruggs lose her eye?

Scruggs made headlines in 2011 after she accidentally walked into a spinning airplane propeller, resulting in the loss of her left eye and part of an arm. After she went on King’s show earlier this month, Scruggs’ husband took to social media with a clip of the interview to describe the moment’s significance.

Where does Jason Kenney live now?


What is Catt Sadler doing these days?

Sadler is now developing a TV show for TNT, has a website and a YouTube channel, does one-off hosting gigs like the recent livestream of the Vanity Fair Oscar party red carpet, and books public speaking work, among other projects.

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