is jaya kishori married

Who is Jaya Kishori is husband?

जया किशोरी एक भारतीय कलाकार और आध्यात्मिक वक्ता हैं, जो अपने प्रेरक भाषणों और नैतिक एल्बमों के लिए प्रसिद्ध हैं। उन्हें ‘उड़ी किशोरी जी’ और मीरा के आधुनिक युग के नाम से जाना जाता है। जया किशोरी का जन्म जया शर्मा का जन्म 13 जुलाई 1995 को कोलकाता में हुआ था। इनकी राशि कर्क है।

Is Jaya Kishori single?

Jaya lives a normal life with her family. Her grandparents have a very important contribution to Jaya’s spiritual development. Her grandparents used to tell her stories and hymns (Bhajan) of Lord Krishna. Jaya Kishori has not married yet, and she is single by relationship status.

Is Jaya Kishori age?

Jaya Kishori (born 13 July 1995) is an Indian spiritual orator, motivational speaker, musical artist, and Storyteller. She is known as the Meera of the Modern Era….Jaya Kishori Wiki, Biography.NameJaya SharmaAge (as in 2021)26 YearsHometownKolkata, West BengalReligionHinduism 🕉CasteGaur Brahmin7 more rows

What is the income of Jaya Kishori?

How much does Jaya teenager earn? Jaya Kishori makes money through stories, hymns and motivational speech. According to information shared by a channel on YouTube, Jaya Kishori takes up to Rs 9.5 lakh to do the story. Jaya takes this amount twice.

Is Jaya Kishori Brahmin?

Jaya Kishori belongs to a Gaur Brahmin Family. Her father’s name is Shiv Shankar Sharma. Her mother’s name is Sonia Sharma. She has a sister named Chetna Sharma.

Who is Kishori?

Kishori is a classical and folk dancer. She has performed on stage in India and abroad. She also completed her music video Saavan for Venus. … The film was produced and directed by Kishori.

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