is jeff garcia married

What is Jeff Garcias net worth?

Jeff Garcia Net Worth: Jeff Garcia is a retired American football player who has a net worth of $25 million….Jeff Garcia Net Worth.Net Worth:$25 MillionDate of Birth:Feb 24, 1970 (51 years old)Gender:MaleHeight:6 ft (1.85 m)Profession:American football player1 more row

Where did Jeff Garcia go to college?

Gavilan CollegeSan José State University

Who is Jeff Garcia dating?

Jeff Garcia’s Wife: Quick FactsFull NameCarmella DeCesareEye ColorBrownHair colorDark BrownBody Measurements34-24-27 inchesHusbandJeff Garcia19 more rows•Oct 8, 2021

What is Donovan McNabb net worth?

Donovan McNabb — $76,064,735 It was money well spent for a player who was drafted No. 2 in 1999 and went on to lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl in 24 years and become the franchise’s all-time leader in passing yards (32,873) and touchdowns (216).

Did Jeff Garcia ever win a Superbowl?

In Tampa Bay, after taking the team to the playoffs and going to his fourth Pro Bowl, the team would release him following a rotation of quarterbacks in 2008. Three division titles. Four pro bowl appearances. No Super Bowl ring.

Who plays Sean in Jimmy Neutron?

Jeffrey Garcia (I)

Who voiced Sheen?

Jeffrey Garcia is an American actor and stand-up comedian, who is best known for voicing Sheen Estevez in Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, and its two Nickelodeon spin-off television show series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Planet Sheen, as well as Pip the Mouse in Barnyard and its spin-off television show …

What happen to Jeff Garcia?

Tampa Bay chose not to bring back Garcia for 2009. Over the next three years Garcia would spend time with the Raiders, Eagles (again), the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League and the Texans. He would retire following the 2011 season.

What is Peyton Manning’s net worth?

Peyton Manning, as per Celebrity Net Worth, is valued at 250 million dollars. During his days as a leading star in NFL, the former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback’s salary peaked at 18 million dollars, though some years managed to earn as much as 40 million dollars through other deals as well.

What is Michael Vicks net worth?

Michael Vick Net Worth ( Updated 2022)NameMichael Dwayne VickNet Worth$16 millionAge40 (born June 26, 1980)ResidenceNewPort News, VirginiaPositionQuarterback7 more rows

What is Cunningham worth?

Randall Cunningham is a 16-year NFL veteran, primarily with the Philadelphia Eagles….Randall Cunningham’s net worth in 2021.Net Worth$10 millionSalaryRetiredSponsorsN/ASportsAmerican Football1 more row•Dec 13, 2021

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