is jeff hogan married

Who is Jeff Hogan?

WRAL anchor/reporter. Professional Experience: January 2018-Present: News Anchor/Reporter, WRAL-TV. 2009-2018: News Anchor/Reporter, WBNS-TV, Columbus, OH. 1998-2009: Sports Anchor/Reporter, WBNS-TV, Columbus, OH.

Where is Gerald Owens on WRAL?

Currently, he works at WRAL-TV in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, as an anchor and reporter.

Who is the new anchor on WRAL?

WRAL-TV is making some changes to the anchor lineup for the WRAL Evening News and WRAL Late News. David Crabtree is taking a step back to focus solely on WRAL News at 6, with longtime co-anchor Debra Morgan, while Dan Haggerty, and Chris Lovingood, who are newer to the team, get regular roles.

Who left WBNS?

10TV anchor Karina Nova set to leave station for new job in San Francisco later this month. Karina Nova, a morning anchor at WBNS-TV (Channel 10), will head west later this month for a new job at a station in San Francisco. Her last day will be Jan. 24.

Where is Renee Chou?

Where is Renee Chou now? Journalists: Chou is pursuing her career in journalism. She is an Emmy award-winning journalist in her 9th year at WRAL.

Is Lena Tillett married?

Lena Tillett Husband and Children In as much as Tillett may be considered a public figure due to the nature of her work, not much of her personal life is known to the public. … Therefore, It is not known whether Lena is married, divorced, single, or whether she has any children.

Where is Pam saulsby now?

After losing her longtime job at WRAL, Pam Saulsby now co-anchors the nightly news on WNCN with Penn Holderness, left.

Is Debra Morgan leaving WRAL?

Multiple Emmy award-winner Debra currently works as a news anchor at WRAL. She joined the station in 1993 and has previously stated in an interview that she is not leaving WRAL anytime soon.

Is Rosalia Fodera leaving WRAL?

Earlier this month, WRAL reporter Rosalia Fodera announced on social media her departure from the news business. … “This year has taken a bigger toll on me personally than I first realized,” Fodera wrote.

Is Catherine Brown leaving WRAL?

Kathryn Brown will leave WRAL and the local news business to spend more time with family.

Is Tino Ramos married?

Is Tino Ramos married? Yes, he is married to Lisa. They have one child.

What happened Pete Scalia?

While working in Columbus TV, Pete was very public about his battle with severe rheumatoid arthritis, which required both hips and both knees to be replaced and deformed his feet and hands. He was diagnosed with the disease 18 years ago, at age 30.

Where is Kat Campbell from?

Campbell was born and raised by her parents in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States of America.

Who is Leslie Moreno?

11, as Leslie M. Moreno, 28, of Waitsburg was sentenced by Judge M. … Moreno was convicted of stabbing Allessio while he sat in her car and then driving the car from their Waitsburg home to Walla Walla while sitting on top of him.

Where is Lynda Loveland now?

Lynda Loveland serves as the Director of Communications for the North Carolina Farm Bureau. In her role, she aids in agriculture advocacy and gives farmers a voice through digital, print and social media.

What is Greg Fishel doing now?

He is an Emmy-winning weather forecaster and is currently working as the Senior Atmospheric Scientist in Priogen Energy. Before joining Priogen in October 2019, he served as the Chief Meteorologist for WRAL-TV for about 38 years.

What is David Crabtree salary?

How much does David Crabtree make? David receives an average annual salary of between $24,292 and $72,507. This translates to an hourly average wage of between $10.15 and $31.32. This is Per our average wage estimates for a journalist in the United States.

Who is leaving WRAL?

WRAL reporter Kasey Cunningham is leaving WRAL-TV on Friday, and we will miss her greatly!3 days ago

How old is WRAL Mike Maze?

10 Facts About Mike Maze His age is not available for now. However, he seems to be of about 50-60 years old.

Where is Greg Fishel?

Greg Fishel, the former longtime chief meteorologist at WRAL who left the station nearly three years ago, has a new job in North Carolina — and it’s with an HVAC company. A favorite among WRAL viewers for decades, Fishel resigned from the station in February 2019.

How old is WRAL Ken Smith?

Ken Smith’s age and birthday remain classified, but the WRAL-TV anchor appears in the 40s….Quick Facts: How Old Is Ken Smith WRAL? Ken Smith’s Age, Wikipedia Bio And Details To Know.NameKen SmithAge40-50GenderMaleHeight–NationalityAmerican5 more rows

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