is jeff lynne married now

Is Jeff Lynne still married?

In 2014, Lynne received a star on the Birmingham Walk of Stars, and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the following year….Jeff Lynne.Jeff Lynne OBEYears active1963–presentSpouse(s)Rosemary Adams ​ ​ ( m. 1972; div. 1977)​ Sandi Kapelson ​ ( m. 1979)​Children2Musical career9 weitere Zeilen

What is Jeff Lynne doing these days?

These days, Lynne devotes most of his time, once again, to the band now called Jeff Lynne’s ELO. He’s just toured 30 U.S. cities, written 10 new songs, and last week, at age 71, released a new album, called “From Out of Nowhere.” “You were obviously singing and playing guitar,” said Pogue. … “Me,” Lynne replied.03.11.2019

Does Jeff Lynne have a daughter?

Stephanie LynneLaura Lynne

Who has Jeff Lynne written songs for?

Songs You Forgot Jeff Lynne WroteRoy Orbison – “You Got It”Tom Petty – “Running Down A Dream”The Pussycat Dolls – “Beep”Half The Xanadu Soundtrack.Brian Wilson – “Let It Shine”29.12.2017

Are Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne friends?

Lynne and Wood have met on a number of occasions since the split, but it seems that any kind of musical collaboration is the stuff of dreams. They also shared the stage together in 2017 when ELO were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. … It’s a good band, and Jeff is still a good friend of mine.”08.06.2017

Why did Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan fall out?

“Basically, the band ended when we decided to stop touring,” Bevan told Record Collector in 2012. “The last big tour was in 1981 – the Time tour – but after that Jeff never really wanted to tour. Personally, I’ve always loved that side of things. Playing live was always the thing I enjoyed the most.”17.02.2021

Is Jeff Lynne touring in 2021?

In a message to fans, Jeff Lynne said ‘it’s with deep regret and sadness that I have to cancel my upcoming October UK tour, but due to the ongoing and unprecedented situation the live shows cannot go ahead as planned.

How many instruments can Jeff Lynne?

Lynne also performed music for two movie soundtracks, All This and World War II and Electric Dreams. Electric Light Orchestra’s fame lessened during the 1980s….Jeff Lynne.Jeff Lynne OBEOccupation(s)Musician, songwriter, producerInstrumentsGuitar, Keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, cello, violinYears active1966 – present9 weitere Zeilen

What nationality is Jeff Lynne?


How do I contact Jeff Lynne?

Jeff Lynne Agent and Management Contact Details @(jefflynneselo)Direct Tel: 020 74.Direct Email: moira.Company Email: [email protected] Tel: 020 74.Website: www.mb.

Why is it called Jeff Lynne’s ELO?

In 1989 original drummer Bev formed a group called ELO Part II and in 2000 The Orchestra, forcing Lynne to take legal action. “I named it that because it’s always been my ELO,” he says. “I thought it would be good to shorten it for a change, as I was getting fed up with the longwinded Electric Light Orchestra name.10.11.2015

Did Jeff Lynne write any Beatles songs?

Not only has he produced solo work for Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, Lynne was behind the boards for the Beatles’ final “new” hit records: “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love,” painstakingly recorded around existing Lennon demo tracks in honor of the Beatles’ massive “Anthology” releases in the 1990s.23.04.2015

Who is the lead singer for Electric Light Orchestra?

Jeff LynneSince 1970Roy Wood1970 – 1972

Is Roy Wood married?

Roy Wood (born 8 November 1946) is an English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist….Roy WoodOccupationMusician singer-songwriter record producer composer arrangerYears active1964–presentSpouse(s)Unknown (divorced) Maureen Holmes (divorced)ChildrenOne9 weitere Zeilen

Is Richard Tandy still with ELO?

Jeff Lynne and keyboardist Richard Tandy continue to tour together, but multi-instrumentalist Roy Wood left their ranks shortly after the release of their 1971 debut and hasn’t been back since.23.12.2016

Where is Mike Pinder now?

Pinder has continued to work in the studio on his own and others’ projects, and in developing new artists and nurturing the creative process. Pinder was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as a member of The Moody Blues, in April 2018.

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