is jeff o neill married

What is Jeff O’Neill salary?

He made US$16,955,000 (US$25,801,804 in today’s dollars), ranking #770 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

What happened to Jeff O Neill’s arm?

The year before the lockout, however, O’Neill fell flat on his face. In 2003-04, O’Neil scored 14 goals—his lowest total since his sophomore season—and he tore the labrum in his shoulder.

Is Jeff O’Neill still with TSN?

O’Neill is presently a sports broadcaster and hockey analyst with The Sports Network appearing on Toronto Maple Leafs broadcasts and TSN Hockey programs. He currently co-hosts OverDrive on TSN Radio 1050 with host Bryan Hayes and fellow co-host and former goaltender Jamie McLennan.

What is Jamie McLennan salary?

Jamie McLennan’s net worth / earnings / salary history. He made US$7,157,286 (US$11,246,233 in today’s dollars), ranking #1349 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

How old is Jamie McLennan?

Jamie McLennan (born June 30, 1971) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey goaltender who is now an analyst for TSN, TSN Radio 1050, NBC Sports and NHL Network.

Who is the grappler TSN?

Keith Bauer (@KDBauer1) / Twitter.

How many goals did Jeff O’Neill score?

O’Neill had 237 goals, 259 assists, and a plus-minus of -115 in 821 games played….Jeff O’Neill.Born:February 23, 1976 in Richmond Hill, CanadaExperience:11 years1 more row

Who is O dog on TSN?

O’Neill cuts to the chase when breaking down key plays, adding valuable perspective gained over his 12-year NHL career. Also known as the “O-Dog”, the King City, Ont. native was the top OHL player selected in the 1994 NHL Draft at fifth overall.

Does Jeff O’Neill have a neck tattoo?

the tattoo on my neck is angel wings to pay tribute to my son who was born prematurely and didn’t make it if you must know.

Who is Hayes on OverDrive?

Bryan Hayes is a professional journalist and radio host in the Canadian media industry. He is best recognized as the host of the sports show ‘OverDrive radio show’ alongside Jamie McLennan and Jeff O’Neill….Bryan Hayes.NameBryan HayesBirthdayJune 6, 1983Age36GenderMaleNationalityCanadian4 more rows

Who is Brian Hayes father?

Personal life. Hayes is the son of Charlie Hayes, and younger brother of former minor league pitcher Tyree Hayes.

Who are the hosts of OverDrive?

OverDrive is a sports radio show on TSN 1050 and simulcasted on TSN in Canada. The show is hosted by Bryan Hayes alongside Jeff O’Neill and Jamie McLennan.

Did Bryan Hayes play hockey?

Bryan Hayes played hockey before joining the family business. He played triple-A in Mississauga and earned a place with the Barrie Colts as a teenager, recording precisely one assist in 47 regular-season games with the OHL franchise.

Who is Jeff O Neal?

Jeff O’Neal is the executive editor of Book Riot and Panels. He also co-hosts The Book Riot Podcast. Follow him on Twitter: @thejeffoneal.

How much money does Bryan Hayes make?

Estimated Career EarningsYearSalaryTotal Cash2015-$1,855,0002020$84,105$84,1052021$589,500$589,500Est. Earnings (2 seasons)$673,605$2,528,6054 more rows

What is Noodles real name TSN?

James Todd McLennan (born June 30, 1971) is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey goaltender who is now an analyst for The Sports Network (TSN), TSN Radio 1050, NBC Sports and NHL Network.

Does Craig Button have a Stanley Cup?

Craig began his NHL management career in 1988 with the Minnesota North Stars. … He was the Director of Scouting for Dallas Stars 1992–98, Director of Player Personnel for Dallas Stars 1998–2000. He won the Stanley Cup championship in 1999.

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