is jeff stice married

Does Jeff Stice have Covid?

Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee Jeff Stice has suffered a major injury on August 28th. Jeff had been batting COVID-19 and he became severely dehydrated. On the morning of August 28th, Jeff passed out, with the full weight of his body crashing into a wall breaking his neck and severely injuring his spinal cord.

When did Jeff Stice leave Triumphant Quartet?

Waynesville, NC () – After taking a personal leave of absence to reflect on God’s best for his life and the life of his family, Jeff Stice has made a decision to end his tenure with the Triumphant Quartet.

Who did Jeff Stice play piano for?

Jeff Stice traveled with The Blackwood Brothers, playing piano for them for 4 years. He then moved on to be the piano player for The Rex Nelon Singers and later, Jeff began doing solo concerts, where he would play dramatic standards of Gospel and Classical Music as well as hand clapping Southern Gospel favorites.

What happened to Jeff Stice?

Jeff Stice, age 61, an award-winning gospel pianist and Edmonson County resident, has died from complications from a fall in his home on August 28th that resulted in serious neck and spinal injuries. … He would leave the Nelons to help form the award-winning male quartet Perfect Heart in 1990.

Where is Jeff Stice from?

NASHVILLE, Tn. (WBKO) – Jeff Stice, a native of Edmonson County who studied piano at WKU, has passed away after suffering a bad fall at his home. He was 61. Throughout his career, Stice performed as both a solo artist and with several notable gospel musicians and groups.

When did Jeff Stice get married?

Jeff was born on May 30, 1960 at Tyndall Air Force Base in Bay County, FL to the late Jimmy and Evonia Stice. He was married to his help mate and dearest friend, Stacey, on July 15, 2016.

Who is the owner of Triumphant Quartet?

About Triumphant Quartet The Triumphant Quartet is a U.S. Southern Gospel ensemble founded in 2002 and composed by David Sutton, Clayton Inman, Scott Inman and Eric Bennett.

Who owns Triumphant Quartet?

Triumphant QuartetThe Triumphant QuartetYears active2002–presentLabelsStowTownWebsitewww.triumphantquartet.comMembersDavid Sutton Clayton Inman Scott Inman Eric Bennett2 more rows

What gospel group did Jeff Stice play for?

Early in Jeff’s career he played with the Blackwood Brothers, The Rex Nelon Singers and in 1990 helped form the group Perfect Heart. He received the Favorite Young Artist Award from the Singing News Magazine and went on to take other top honors in Gospel Music.

Who is the piano player for Triumphant Quartet?

The group’s new pianist is Aaron Dishman, formerly of the Dixie Melody Boys. According to the Singing News website, Triumphant is thrilled to welcome Aaron to their quartet. “’We’ve know Aaron for many years and always loved his kind heart and sweet spirit. But, he is also a very talented musician and singer.

Who wrote bigger than Sunday?

Group member Scotty Inman has co-written 7 of the 10 songs on the album, including the title cut, “Bigger Than Sunday” (with Benji Cowart and Tony Wood), “Don’t Miss Jesus” (with Michael Farren and Tony Wood), and “He Walked Out” (with Jason Cox and Kenna Turner West).

Where is the Triumphant Quartet from?

Triumphant is the face of quality Gospel Music, Christian integrity, family values, friendship and dedication. The group has been that way since their beginnings in 2003, when the four friends first walked out on to the stage of the Louise Mandrell Theater, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee as a headlining talent.

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