is jeff t green married

How did Jeff T Green make his money?

REAL TIME NET WORTH Jeff Green is CEO and chairman of The Trade Desk, an advertising tech firm he founded in 2009. His digital ads company, which went public in 2016, specializes in social, mobile and video advertising. The Trade Desk, a Nasdaq-listed company, had $836 million in revenue in 2020, up 26% year-over-year.

Is billionaire Jeff Green married?

Green lives in Newbury Park, California, in Thousand Oaks, northwest of Los Angeles. He is divorced and has three children.

How many shares of TTD does Jeff Green own?

The estimated net worth of Jeffrey Terry Green is at least $5.71 million as of April 19th, 2021. Mr. Green owns 71,870 shares of Trade Desk stock worth more than $5,707,915 as of February 17th.18 jan. 2022

Who is Jeffrey Green?

Jeffrey P. Green (born 9 October 1944) is a British historian and writer, who has been particularly active in researching and documenting the Black British experience, publishing books and articles since the 1980s.

Does Jeff Green have children?

Green also has a rich personal life. He is married and has two children with his wife.

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