is jeffrey wigand married

Who was Jeffrey Wigand first wife?

Jeffrey WigandAlma materUniversity at BuffaloOccupationExpert witness, consultantKnown forWhistleblower on the tobacco industrySpouse(s)Hope Elizabeth May4 rader till

Where is Jeffrey Wigand now?

Wigand briefly taught chemistry and Japanese at duPont Manuel Magnet High School in Louisville, Kentucky and was named 1996 Teacher of the Year for the state of Kentucky. Dr. Wigand now is a lecturer, expert witness, and consultant on tobacco-related issues.8 maj 2020

How much did Jeffrey Wigand make?

The appeal was seductive for a man who prided himself on his research skills, and Wigand’s title would be impressive: head of R&D. He would soon be paid more than he had ever earned in his life—$300,000 a year.

What happened to Linda Wigand?

WIGAND, Linda Ann, 70, of Louisville, KY passed away peacefully on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at Hosparus Care Center with her daughter by her side. Linda was born, March 15, 1947 in Eden, NY, a daughter of James N. Scheetz and Beatrice (Knoll) Scheetz.9 apr. 2017

Is the movie The Insider a true story?

A fictionalized account of a true story, it is based on the 60 Minutes segment about Jeffrey Wigand, a whistleblower in the tobacco industry, covering his and CBS producer Lowell Bergman’s struggles as they defend his testimony against efforts to discredit and suppress it by CBS and Wigand’s former employer.

When Jeffrey Wigand first went to work for Brown and Williamson What did he want to achieve?

Jeffrey Wigand had been a vice president of research at Brown & Williamson since 1989. He originally had been hired to work on the development of a safer cigarette.

What happened to tobacco whistleblower?

A former vice president of Brown and Williamson, Dr. Wigand blew the whistle on the tobacco industry’s manipulation of nicotine. … This lawsuit was dismissed as a condition of the June 20, 1997 historic $368 billion settlement between the Attorneys General of 40 States and the tobacco industry.

What is tobacco settlement?

The “Master Settlement Agreement” set rules restricting tobacco marketing and sales, while also requiring the industry to pay states billions of dollars annually — amounts intended to help local governments defray the economic toll stemming from tobacco use.

What is an estimate of how much Wigand would be paid to serve as a consultant?

During the course of the story’s production, Wigand is reportedly paid an estimated $12,000 for his time and expenses as a consultant.

Who is a famous whistleblower?

1960s–1970sYearNameOrganization1967John WhiteUnited States Navy1971Daniel EllsbergUnited States State Department1971Frank SerpicoNew York Police Department1971Perry FellwockNational Security Agency11 rader till

Who bought Brown and Williamson?

Brown & WilliamsonBrown & Williamson factory in 1918FateMerged with the other BAT’s U.S. business (BATUS, Inc. and R.J. Reynolds to form Reynolds American.SuccessorReynolds AmericanHeadquartersUnited StatesArea servedUnited States8 rader till

Who is the first European to develop tobacco plants in Virginia?

John Rolfe (1585-1622) was an early settler of North America known for being the first person to cultivate tobacco in Virginia and for marrying Pocahontas. Rolfe arrived in Jamestown in 1610 with 150 other settlers as part of a new charter organized by the Virginia Company.28 okt. 2019

Who fought Big Tobacco?

In 2006, the American Cancer Society and other plaintiffs won a major court case against Big Tobacco. Judge Gladys Kessler found tobacco companies guilty of lying to the American public about the deadly effects of cigarettes and secondhand smoke.

When did the insider take place?

Based on a true story about a CBS 60 Minutes-episode in 1994 on malpractices in the tobacco industry, that was not aired because CBS parent company Westinghouse objected. Pacino plays the 60 Minutes Producer.

What did Mike Wallace think of The Insider?

Legendary Newsman Mike Wallace “Detested” the ‘The Insider,’ Michael Mann Reveals.22 sep. 2014

How does the movie The Insider end?

The end credits tell us that in 1998 the tobacco industry settled lawsuits brought against it by all 50 states to the tune of $246 billion, Lowell Bergman joined Frontline and became a professor at UC-Berkeley. (Jeffrey Wigand is now a consultant on tobacco issues.)

Who produced The Insider?

Michael MannPieter Jan Brugge

Did Jeff Wigands wife leave him?

Wigand paid dearly for going public. Amid lawsuits, countersuits, and an exhaustive smear campaign orchestrated by the company, Wigand lost his family, his privacy, and his reputation. His wife divorced him, and their two daughters went to live with her.30 apr. 2002

What is whistleblower complaint?

A whistleblower is a person, who could be an employee of a company, or a government agency, disclosing information to the public or some higher authority about any wrongdoing, which could be in the form of fraud, corruption, etc.

How much was the 1998 tobacco settlement?

Tobacco deal settled – Nov. 20, 1998. NEW YORK (CNNfn) – A group of 46 states reached an agreement Friday with leading tobacco companies that calls for cigarette makers to pay the states $206 billion and submit to sweeping advertising and marketing restrictions.20 nov. 1998

Do tobacco companies still make money?

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests such taxes should be at least 75% of the retail price of tobacco , so you would be forgiven for thinking that left very little room for tobacco companies to earn that much profit. In actual fact, manufacturing tobacco products is inordinately profitable despite high taxes.10 feb. 2021

Where did tobacco originally come from?

Tobacco is derived from the leaves of the genus Nicotiana, a plant from the night-shade family, indigenous to North and South America. Archeological studies suggest the use of tobacco in around first century BC, when Maya people of Central America used tobacco leaves for smoking, in sacred and religious ceremonies.

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