is jenna johnson still married to val

Is Val Chemerinsky married?

JoJo made her debut on the show last Monday night, alongside 27-year-old Jenna Johnson, who is married to Val Chemerinsky.27 sep. 2021

Where do Val and Jenna live?

The TV personalities live in a gorgeous residence in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. The stunning choreographer and her handsome hubby became the proud owners of the 3,000-square-foot abode in July 2020, according to Variety.

Did Val cheat on Jenna DWTS?

Jade denounced the rumors about her and Chmerkovskiy having any romantic connection. “Val and I are not hooking up,” Jade explains in a TikTok video. “We have never hooked up. This is a complete rumor.”31 okt. 2021

Is Jenna Chmerkovskiy Dating Jojo Siwa?

No, Jojo is not dating her DWTS partner Jenna. The stars’ have great onstage chemistry and share a warm friendship offstage but there’s no romance brewing between them whatsoever. Jenna is married to pro-dancer Valentin who was Olivia Jade’s partner this season.23 nov. 2021

Is Val Chmerkovskiy Leaving Dancing With the Stars?

Probably,” he told Entertainment Tonight in November 2021. “I have no regrets about my tenure on the show. I have no regrets about the season. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to end it with.”25 nov. 2021

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