is jessica schambach married to mark myers

Who is Mark Myers married to?

Nancy Lindeman, Mark Myers.12.09.2004

Who is Jessica Schambach?

Jessica Schambach (b. 29 March 1978) is an American award-winning KOCO journalist who was born and brought up in Tyler, TX, United States of America. Currently, she works at KOCO TV in Oklahoma City, OK, as an evening news anchor.

What does Abigail ogles husband do for a living?

Kevin Bowman Ogle (born December 23, 1958) is an American television news anchor. He currently serves as a lead anchor for KFOR-TV (channel 4), an NBC-affiliated television station in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Is Abigail Ogle related to Kelly Ogle?

Her father, Kevin Ogle, and uncle, Kent Ogle, are anchors at KFOR-TV, while her sister, Abigail Ogle, is an anchor and reporter for the local ABC affiliate. Her other uncle, Kelly Ogle, is an anchor at the local CBS affiliate.

Is Ogle pregnant?

Congratulations to KOCO 5’s Abigail Ogle. She announced during the 6 p.m. newscast that she is pregnant, and the baby is due in March, 2021! … Congratulations to KOCO 5’s Abigail Ogle. She announced during the 6 p.m. newscast that she is pregnant, and the baby is due in March, 2021!27.10.2020

Where did Shelby Hays go?

Our Lawyers Have Hired KOCO Meteorologist Shelby Hays as Their New Marketing Director.30.09.2019

Who is Evan Onstot married to?

Evan’s wife, Julie, graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and she interned at KOCO 5 while in college. Evan and his wife have two children — 3-year-old Austen and 1-year-old Grey. Evan and his wife met when they were both working in the news business in Texas.

Where is Maggie Carlo?

Back in 2017, Maggie Carlo returned to Oklahoma City from Chicago after a nearly 10-year hiatus to head the Channel 5 morning show. Now, after three years brightening Oklahomans mornings, she’s leaving them behind like a bus stop forecast.10.08.2020

Is Mecca Rayne married?

Local news personality Mecca Rayne married her love Kenny Brooks in a fun fairytale inspired wedding at The Barn at the Woods, and we’re so excited to share all the lovely details.30.01.2021

What does Jeff Ewing do for a living?

Jeff Ewing is a filmmaker and screenwriter in LA.

Who is Caitlin Ogle?

Katelyn Ogle is an American journalist who works as the Alert Desk Anchor for News 9. She started at News 9 as an intern during her senior year of college at The University of Central Oklahoma in 2018. Shortly after graduating, Katelyn became the Alert Desk Anchor and occasionally reports.

Is Kent Ogle married?

Kent and his wife, Suzanne, live in Edmond.

Who is the oldest Ogle?

Ogle.” Ogle’s three sons followed him into the business, but not after a few detours. The 6-foot-8 Kevin, the oldest of the three at 42, received a basketball scholarship at Kansas State after a fine career at Edmond High School. A year later, he transferred to OSU and took up broadcasting.11.02.2001

What happened to Joleen Chaney?

Joleen Chaney first joined the KFOR News 4 team in June 2007. … From June 2014 to June 2016 she worked at another local television station but returned home to her KFOR family as the weekday 4pm anchor and was later promoted to main evening anchor following the retirement of legendary Oklahoma journalist Linda Cavanaugh.

What happened Katelyn Ogle?

Katelyn Ogle An Oklahoma City police officer has been charged with first-degree manslaughter more than two months after a fatal police shooting.

Where is Emily Sutton?

Sutton and her husband reside in Oklahoma City with their two “fur kids,” Okie and Winnie.

Where is Damon Lane?

Damon Lane is a well-known American Broadcast Meteorologist and the Holder of the CBM seal of approval from The American Meteorological Society. Currently, he works at KOCO 5 in Oklahoma City as the Chief Meteorologist for KOCO 5’s ‘First Alert Weather’ Program.

Where is Shelby Cashman now?

Where is Shelby Cashman Going? As of September 2020, Cashman is leaving the troubled station and going back to Oklahoma City. Cashman worked as the Traffic Anchor at KOKH before leaving for Albuquerque and is now returning to KOCO as the morning Anchor.

Who did Mecca Rayne get engaged?

Bret Buganski – Mecca Rayne got engaged! KOCO 5 News.02.12.2018

Where did Maggie Carlo move to?

COMING HOME: Maggie Carlo KOCO and her family will hit the road today to move from Chicago to Oklahoma City! She said her children have never lived in Oklahoma.

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