is jill morrell married

Where is Brian Keenan now?

But life today for the writer and broadcaster, living happily with his family in Dublin, couldn’t be further from the years he spent in a concrete cell – often in solitary confinement, blind-folded, interrogated, chained half-naked and beaten, at the mercurial whim of his captors.12.04.2016

What happened to John McCarthy after his release?

A British journalist’s five-year ordeal comes to an end He became Britain’s longest-held hostage in Lebanon, although for several years nobody in the UK knew whether he was alive or dead. Finally, on 8 August 1991, John was allowed to go free.

Did McCarthy marry?

After McCarthy’s release on 8 August 1991, the couple remained together until 1994, and wrote a joint memoir, Some Other Rainbow, but they parted amicably. McCarthy subsequently met BBC photographer, Anna Ottewill, and eventually married her in April 1999….Jill MorrellPartner(s)John McCarthy (until 1994)6 weitere Zeilen

Why was McCarthy kidnapped?

McCarthy was a journalist working for United Press International Television News at the time of his kidnap by Islamic Jihad terrorists in Lebanon in April 1986, and was held in captivity until his release on 8 August 1991. … By the time of McCarthy’s release, his mother Sheila had died of cancer, unaware of his fate.

Is Brian Keenan still married?

Today, nine years after his release, Keenan, 48, reveals that he is now the proud father of a son, Jack, who is almost two. “Jack was born on September 5, 1997,” he says, his face lighting up with almost translucent joy. “My wife, physiotherapist Audrey Doyle, and I have kept it quiet.07.09.2021

What does Jill Morrell do now?

Ms Morrell, now 51, said normal life for her was pretty much on hold for many years after his kidnap. … She was also working as a journalist when he was kidnapped, and now works as a policy adviser for a cancer charity.03.05.2009

What does John McCarthy do now?

John Michael McCarthy (born October 12, 1962) is an American former professional mixed martial arts referee and current broadcaster for Bellator MMA.

How old is McCarthy’s daughter?

He has a daughter, Lydia, 12, with his photographer wife, Anna Ottewill.04.03.2018

Where did McCarthy live?

John McCarthy, (born September 4, 1927, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.—died October 24, 2011, Stanford, California), American mathematician and computer scientist who was a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence (AI); his main research in the field involved the formalization of commonsense knowledge.11.01.2022

What happened to Terry Anderson?

On December 4, 1991, Islamic militants in Lebanon release kidnapped American journalist Terry Anderson after 2,454 days in captivity. As chief Middle East correspondent for the Associated Press, Anderson covered the long-running civil war in Lebanon (1975-1990).

Are John McCarthy and Brian Keenan still friends?

He keeps in close touch, too, with John McCarthy, the journalist who went to Beirut to cover Keenan’s kidnapping, and instead became his cell-mate. He still considers McCarthy his closest friend and he and Audrey love seeing McCarthy, his wife, Anna, and their young daughter Lydia.11.09.2009

Who held John McCarthy hostage?

Soon after John arrived in Beirut, two British teachers — Leigh Douglas and Philip Padfield — and an Irish teacher named Brian Keenan were kidnapped. The British ambassador urged British citizens to leave. John, with a few days of his assignment remaining, had a nagging feeling that things were closing in around him.30.07.2021

How long was McCarthy held?

The euphoric day, 30 years ago this week, that Beirut hostage John McCarthy’s harrowing five-year ordeal finally ended. In 1986 journalist John McCarthy was taken hostage by Islamic jihadists in Beirut and held in brutal captivity.01.08.2021

Why was Brian kidnaped?

Hostage. On the morning of 11 April 1986, Keenan was kidnapped by Islamic Jihad. … The British and American governments at the time had a policy that they would not negotiate with terrorists, and Keenan was considered by some to have been ignored by them.

Who was the drummer for the Chamber Brothers?

— Brian Keenan, former drummer for the Chambers Brothers and Manfred Mann bands, has died at a private facility in Winsted, Conn. He was

How many children has Terry Waite?

Together with his wife and their four children, Waite witnessed the Idi Amin coup in Uganda and he and his wife narrowly escaped death on several occasions.

Who were the Beirut hostages?

The kidnapped victims consisted of 25 Americans, 16 Frenchmen, 12 British, 7 Swiss, 7 West Germans and 1 Irish man The hostage takers bore obscure titles such as the Islamic Jihad Organization (IJO), the Organization for the Defense of Free People (ODFP), the Oppressed of the Earth Organization (OEO), the Islamic Jihad …

What’s happened to Terry Waite?

Terry Waite, now 82, who lives in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, was working on behalf of Robert Runcie to try to secure the release of several British prisoners, including journalist John McCarthy, when he was captured by Hezbollah.18.11.2021

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