is jimmy pop married

What happen to Jimmy Pop?

Whatever happened to Jimmy Pop? – Quora. You mean James Moyer Franks of Bloodhound Gang? He went out and did a few acting gigs here & there between BG commitments. As for the Bloodhound Gang themselves, they broke up in 2013 after controversial incidents in Russia & Ukraine.

What is Jimmy Pop’s name?

He is best known as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, primary songwriter, and one of the founding members of the comedic rock band Bloodhound Gang….Jimmy PopBirth nameJames Moyer FranksAlso known asJimmy Pop Ali (1991–1997)BornAugust 27, 1972 Trappe, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Is Jimmy Pop related to Iggy Pop?

In high school, Iggy was in a band called The Iguanas, which led to the birth of his nickname. … Iggy got the “Pop” part of his stage name from his resemblance to his friend Jimmy Pop. Jimmy lost all his hair, including his eyebrows, which motivated Iggy to shave his eyebrows.21 apr. 2017

Does Jimmy Pop have social media?

Jimmy Pop (@jimmypop) / Twitter.

Why is Iggy Pop called that?

When living with the Stooges in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the charismatic frontman was given the now legendary name when his friend named Jimmy Pop, who had lost all his hair including his eyebrows, motivated Iggy to shave off his own eyebrows. From then on, he was dubbed Iggy Pop.

Why is Iggy Pop called Iggy?

The Prime Movers gave him the nickname “Iggy” for having played in The Iguanas. According to biographer Jim Ambrose, the two years he spent in the band made him aware of “art, politics, and experimentation”.

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