is joey zuray married

What happened Stan Zuray?

Stan Zuray vowed that he was not going to live that same life. Over 40 years ago, he left his home. He went to Alaska and now lives life on his own terms. … He lives in Tanana, Alaska.1 dec. 2020

Who is Stan Zurays wife?

Stan’s kids love growing up in Alaska. He had his oldest daughter, Monica, with his first wife — the two live together in Boston. While he did remarry, his wife Kathleen is camera shy and doesn’t appear on Yukon Men too often. However, his other children, Kate, Ariella, and Joey, are featured on the Discovery show.24 apr. 2020

What is the net worth of the Yukon Men?

Stan Zuray Net Worth: Stan Zuray is an American outdoorsman and reality television personality who has a net worth of $400 thousand. Stan Zuray is best known for being a cast member on the Discovery Channel reality television series Yukon Men. Zuray was raised in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to Alaska.

Where is Joey Zuray?

Joey Zuray is an American hunter, survivalist, and reality TV star, who gained fame with his appearance in the show “Yukon Men”, which follows a number of outdoorsmen and women in remote Alaska. Living alongside the Yukon River, Zuray learned to fish at an early age, and now mainly lives off his survival skills.

Does Charlie Wright still live in Tanana Alaska?

Charlie Wright is an Athabascan raised on the Yukon River near Rampart, Alaska and now living in Tanana, Alaska. … He also has extensive knowledge of Athabascan traditions related to river travel and winter survival, and changing environmental conditions.

What ever happened to the Yukon Men?

Yukon Men is an unscripted American cable television series that chronicles the lives of several inhabitants of a remote Alaskan village by the Yukon River.

Why did Yukon Men finish?

A number of shows have been cancelled this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to problems with shooting and rising costs etc. … The series premiered on the Discovery Channel back in 2012, centring on the lives of fishermen and trappers in the Alaskan village of Tanana.2 dec. 2020

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