is john tesh married

Who is Connie Sellecca married to now?

John Teshverh. 1992Gil Gerardverh. 1979–1987

Who is Gib Gerard married to?

Gil GerardYears active1970–presentKnown forBuck Rogers in the 25th CenturySpouse(s)First two wives, (1960s – 1970s) Connie Sellecca (m. 1979–87, divorced) Bobi Leonard (m. 1987–89, divorced)Children15 weitere Zeilen

What kind of cancer did John Tesh have?

The Emmy Award-winning Garden City, N.Y., native was first diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of prostate cancer in 2015. He shared that the doctor told him his cancer was terminal and, in order to cope, he turned to alcohol and painkillers.07.10.2021

What is Tesh worth?

John Tesh Net WorthNet Worth:$30 MillionGender:MaleHeight:6 ft 5 in (1.98 m)Profession:Composer, Sports commentator, Radio personality, Actor, Pianist, Film Score Composer, Musician, Singer, Presenter, JournalistNationality:United States of America2 weitere Zeilen

Who is John Tesh married to now?

Connie Selleccam. 1992Julie Wrightm. 1982–1991

Where is John Tesh today?

Tesh is now cancer-free and “generally feeling well,” though he’s had his prostate removed and the tumors left only one kidney functional. Married to actress Connie Sellecca for 30 years, Tesh credits his wife for her staunch advocacy and determination to help him combat the disease.06.10.2021

Who is Gil Gerard wife?

Bobi Leonardm. 1987–1989Connie Selleccam. 1979–1987

Who are Gib Gerard’s parents?

Connie SelleccaGil Gerard

Does John Tesh have a podcast?

Hosted by John Tesh and Gib Gerard, ‘Intelligence For Your Life’ is a weekly, fast-paced discussion delivering the latest cutting edge tactics, tools, and routines for health & wellness, personal development, dating and relationships, fitness, weight management, and sleep.

Is John Tesh still married to Connie?

John Tesh has been married to Connie Selleca for nearly thirty years. They have one daughter, Prima. Sellecca is an actress, producer, and former model. She’s best known for her roles in Flying High, The Greatest American Hero, and Hotel.06.10.2021

What does Tesh mean?

English: topographic name for someone who lived by an ash tree, from the Middle English phrase at(te) asche ‘at (the) ash’, often at(te) esche in some dialects, especially in southeastern England. Probably an altered spelling of Tesch.

Is John Tesh still on the radio?

Listen to Nite Lite with John Tesh weeknights on-air at 105.1 FM and online at, on Lite Rock 105’s free mobile apps., and on iHeartradio.

Why did John Tesh leave Entertainment Tonight?

Tesh left the series in 1996 after reportedly clashing with show executives over balancing his music career, and on-air reporting for the series reported The Buffalo News.06.10.2021

What TV show was John Tesh on?

Intelligence for Your LifeSince 2013Leeza1993 – 2000Entertainment TonightSince 1981Star Trek: The Next Generation1987 – 1994Cycling on CBSSince 1980

Where is Gil Gerard today?

Gerard said he was active with Special Olympics in L.A. for more than 30 years. Now he lives in Georgia and helps a church serve and provide meals.07.10.2017

Why was Buck Rogers Cancelled?

Ratings dropped significantly after the season premiere and, coupled with an increasingly problematic semi-naked star, NBC canceled Buck Rogers in the 25th Century at the end of the 11-episode strike-abbreviated second season.28.03.2021

Is Gil Gerard married?

Bobi Leonardm. 1987–1989Connie Selleccam. 1979–1987

Is Buck Rogers coming back?

Back in October 2020, we reported that Legendary Entertainment was securing the screen rights to one of sci-fi’s oldest and most underused characters, Buck Rogers and now the reboot/reimagining has attracted a significant Hollywood player, actor and director George Clooney.04.02.2021

Did Lee Majors play Buck Rogers?

Buck is played by future Battle of the Network Stars regular Gil Gerard, a genially handsome actor who probably appealed to those frightened by the blatant sexual magnetism of Six Million Dollar Man star Lee Majors.14.12.2004

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