is johnny magic still married

Who is Johnny Magic married to?

Johnny Magic & Mariela Wedding – aldeeproductions.

Is Johnny Magic still married to Mariela?

On July 18 last year, he married Mariela Lora Tolentino in an emotional ceremony at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World. … The couple are reveling in married life. Johnny is adopting Mariela’s son, Alexander.26 feb. 2016

Does Johnny Magic have a son?

Popular Orlando DJ Johnny Magic of XL 106.7’s Johnny’s House provided an update Wednesday morning after a fire ravaged his home on the evening of Feb. 21. … When he decided to extinguish the fire, he “heard an electrical burning” noise. He then evacuated the house with his 11-year-old son, Alex, dialed 911 and waited.26 feb. 2020

What happen to Johnny Magic?

7 DJ Johnny Magic was destroyed in a fire on Friday night, but the popular radio host was unharmed and able to bring his son and two dogs to safety. … Although fire crews arrived quickly, most of Magic’s belongings were lost in the fire, according to a Saturday Facebook post, writing that they are grateful to be alive.27 feb. 2020

What is Johnny Magic’s real name?

The home of Johnny Magic, a popular morning radio show host on XL-106.7 FM, was destroyed by a fire Friday night. The DJ, who’s real name is John Christopher Hill, and his 11-year-old son were not injured, he said in a Facebook post. He hosts the morning show show “Johnny’s House.”22 feb. 2020

Where is Johnny Magic?

Johnny Magic Fan is in Orlando, Florida.

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