is jonathan frakes married

Is Jonathan Frakes still married?

Jonathan Scott Frakes (born August 19, 1952) is an American actor and director. He is best known for his portrayal of Commander William Riker in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequent films and series….Jonathan FrakesYears active1978–presentSpouse(s)Genie Francis ​ ( m. 1988)​Children24 more rows

How rich is Jonathan Frakes?

He is also prolific film and television director. Jonathan Frakes was born on August 19th, 1952 in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania….Jonathan Frakes Net Worth.Net Worth:$25 MillionDate of Birth:Aug 19, 1952 (69 years old)Gender:MaleHeight:6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)2 more rows

Why does Riker sit down like that?

Frakes had a back injury, caused by having a job moving furniture. The result is the “Riker Lean,” where you often see him on set leaning on chairs or consoles, or with one leg propped up on something. You can also see his body is tilted a little when he’s standing up straight.

Did Deanna Troi marry Riker?

While Riker and Troi did, in fact, marry, that didn’t happen until Star Trek: Nemesis, the last of the movies featuring the cast of TNG. Most of the time the two characters spent on the show saw them put aside any personal feelings and be able to work as close friends.

Do Genie Francis and Jonathan Frakes have children?

After meeting again in 1984 during the filming of the miniseries North and South, Francis and Frakes began dating in 1985. They became engaged the following year, and were married on May 28, 1988. The couple have two children, Jameson Ivor Frakes, born in 1994, and Elizabeth Frances Frakes, born in 1997.

Who is the richest Star Trek actor?

Star Trek Beyond: Who Got Really Rich from the FranchiseWilliam Shatner, $100 million. … Leonard Nimoy, $45 million. … DeForest Kelley, $5 million. … James Doohan, $7 million. … Nichelle Nichols, $8 million. … George Takei, $12 million. … Walter Koenig, $8 million. … Majel Barrett, $60 million-plus.

What is Michael Dorns net worth?

Michael Dorn net worth and salary: Michael Dorn is an American actor, and voice artist who has a net worth of $8 million….Michael Dorn Net Worth.Net Worth:$8 MillionHeight:6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)Profession:Actor, Voice Actor, Television Director, SpokespersonNationality:United States of America2 more rows

What does Jonathan Frakes weigh?

Jonathan Frakes and his Cmdr. Riker character have changed in many ways during the seven years that “Next Generation” has been on the air. “When I started, I weighed 200 pounds and now I weigh about 210,” Frakes jokes as he relaxes between scenes in his trailer on the Paramount Pictures lot.

Who is Patrick Stewart married to?

Sunny Ozellm. 2013Wendy Neussm. 2000–2003Sheila Falconerm. 1966–1990

How much money did Patrick Stewart make on Star Trek?

He took home a salary of $5 million for the 1996 film “Star Trek: First Contact.” He then followed up with a $9.5 million payday for “Star Trek: Insurrection.” In 2002, he earned $14 million for his role in “Star Trek: Nemesis,” which also included production credits.

Why does Picard pull down his shirt?

This tugging of the shirt has actually been nicknamed The Picard Maneuver. The reason that he did this was that the shirt became uncomfortable after he sat in a chair. He had to tug it to make him feel more comfortable. The producers wanted him to stop doing it, but he just couldn’t help himself.

Why does Riker have a beard?

Between seasons 1 and 2 of the series there was a long pause in production due to a writer’s strike, during which Frakes grew out his beard. By the time filming had started again for TNG Frakes decided he had enough of shaving and went on set as Riker with his full-grown beard.

Why did Dr Pulaski replace Dr Crusher?

It was important that men be masculine still, even in Star Trek. Dr Beverly crusher was the first doctor on TNG she was replaced by Diana muldaur because Gates McFadden was pregnant and that’s why Dr Pulaski stayed on for just about a year!

Did Picard marry Dr Crusher?

Crusher and Captain Picard had been married and then divorced—still evidently having feelings for each other after so many years. Little information is given about the circumstances of their marriage or separation. … Beverly and Jean-Luc have married, but still serve together on the Enterprise-E.

What happened to Commander Riker’s son?

The Book of Boba Fett Ep. By 2399, she and her husband William T. Riker lived on the planet Nepenthe with their daughter, Kestra Troi-Riker. Their son, Thaddeus Troi-Riker, died of Mendaxic neurosclerosis soon after their arrival on Nepenthe.

Does Deanna Troi wear a wig?

After Marina Sirtis was asked to reprise her role as Counselor Deanna Troi on Star Trek: Picard, she flew to Hollywood to begin filming her scenes only to discover that the wardrobe department wasn’t quite ready for her…as in, they didn’t have the wig or the contact lenses she wore for her role.

Why did Luke and Laura divorce?

Luke and Laura’s marriage faltered when Lucky learned that his father had raped his mother, and after Lucky was presumed dead in a fire, they divorced. In 2000, Luke and Laura learned that Lucky was still alive and they rekindled their relationship as they joined forces to rescue him from Helena.

How much did Leonard Nimoy make per episode of Star Trek?

Nimoy was making $1,125 per episode [$7,900 in 2013], a respectable paycheck by 1967 standards but nowhere near a number considered to be “star level.” He wanted his agent to renegotiate for $3,000 per episode, all the while happy to settle for $2,500 — just over twice what he was currently making.

Do Star Trek actors get royalties?

“Star Trek” stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy had long ago sought and received compensation from the studio, which pockets a 7% to 10% royalty on the sale of “Star Trek” goods.

Is Kaley Cuoco really William Shatner’s daughter in real life?

According to The Sun, while Cuoco is not Shatner’s daughter, he has three real-life daughters who he had with his first wife, Gloria Rand. Per the piece, Leslie Shatner is his oldest daughter, who is now 63 years of age and has two children. His second daughter is Lisabeth Shatner, who aspires to be an actor too.

What planes does Michael Dorn own?

Dorn has owned several jet aircraft, including a Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star, which he jokingly refers to as his “starship”, a North American F-86 Sabre, and currently owns a North American Sabreliner.

How much is the Gene Roddenberry estate worth?

Gene Roddenberry Net Worth: Gene Roddenberry was an American television screenwriter, producer and futurist who had a net worth equal to $500 million at the time of his death….Gene Roddenberry Net Worth.Net Worth:$500 MillionProfession:Television producer, Writer, Actor, Futurist, Pilot, Screenwriter, Police officer, Film Producer4 more rows

How much did Levar Burton make from Star Trek?

Burton’s $6 million net worth may seem a bit low to some. However, PBS isn’t exactly known for paying a lot, given its public funding. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor made approximately $100,000 per episode of Star Trek: TNG — but then again, it’s been many years since the show went off the air.

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