is julio macias married

How long has Julio Macias and his wife been together?

Despite the fact that the couple is still unmarried, they have been dating for over ten years. Julio and Shannon may be getting married soon. We can assume that the couple will be married soon. Julio, a well-known actor, is well-known for his role in the Netflix series.

Who is spooky married to?

In season 3, Spooky tries to get Cesar to leave the gang too. After Cesar has a near-death experience and is almost shot to death, Spooky encourages him to join him and his family by leaving Freeridge and moving in with him. Cesar agrees and Spooky goes outside to call his wife Isabel and tell her the news.

Who is Julio married to On My Block?

Personal Life and Hobbies. Julio Macias became romantically involved in a relationship with Shannon Shodder, a professional make-up artist, back in 2015. After dating for three years, Julio and Shannon eventually tied the knot on 15 June 2018. Their current residence is in Los Angeles, California.

What happened to Jasmine’s mom in on my block?

In season 3 Julia is found to be dead. Though the show never says exactly how she died, we can infer that she died by suicide. In season 3, her husband tells Monse there was something that she told her that she couldn’t get over which could have led to ultimately end her life.

Who Spooky’s girlfriend?

The most shocking and devastating moment in season five, was when Spooky was shot and killed. This came moments after he vowed to his girlfriend Isabel (played by Andrea Cortes) that he is going to change his life around.

Is Monse black?

Character Description Monse is a headstrong, bossy girl of Afro-Latina descent. She was raised by her single father.

Does Oscar get a girlfriend in On My Block?

Oscar had returned to his home in Freeridge in a bid to get his younger brother Cesar (Diego Tinoco) to move with him and his girlfriend, Isabela (Andrea Cortés) to Portland. The move would guarantee them a fresh start, leaving their gangster lifestyle behind.

How long was Oscar Diaz in jail for?

Oscar Diaz Cerna sentenced to 45 years after pleading guilty to boss’ murder.

Is Spooky alive?

By far the most devasting moment of the season came in episode five when Spooky was shot and killed. His death came just after he vowed to turn his life around after meeting his girlfriend Isabel (Andrea Cortes).

How old is spooky from on my block?

Julio Macias (Oscar “Spooky” Diaz) is 31. Unlike the core friends in the Freeridge High friend group, Spooky is not meant to be a high schooler at the start of the series. Actor Julio Macias was days away from turning 28 when the show started. Netflix subscribers may recognize Julio from Selena: The Series.

What is wrong with Jasmine dad?

In the third episode of Season 2, Ruby (played by Jason Genao) visits Jasmine’s home and finds her singing an uplifting song to her unresponsive war veteran father, who has been in a catatonic state since returning from Afghanistan.

Did jasmine and Jamal hook up?

Instead, Jasmine teases him about her ‘new boyfriend’, just to hear him talk about how desperate he is without her. And of course, they hook up with Jasmine forgetting that Jamal is under the bed.

Who is the girl spying on Jamal in On My Block?

“Kendra” is a recurring character on the third season of “On My Block”. She is portrayed by Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson.

Is Diego Tinoco from Ecuador?

Diego was born in Anaheim, California. He is of Colombian, Mexican and Ecuadorian descent.

What is Brett Gray ethnicity?

Brett GrayBornAugust 7, 1996 Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaNationalityAmericanOccupationActor, SingerYears active2015-present

Is Diego dating Sierra?

Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco are definitely not dating in real life. … While they both appear to be single in real life, their mutual feelings for their onscreen relationship status seem to be a different story.

Why was Cuchillos killed?

When Spooky learns that Cuchillos is to blame for his father being put behind bars and virtually abandoned by his gang, he decides that it’s time for new management within the ranks. … Luckily, the man knows how to sell an idea, and 19th Street murder Cuchillos, allowing Spooky to ascend the ranks.

Does Monse kiss Oscar?

In a heated argument where Monse chooses to tell Oscar how he ruined Cesar’s life, she kissed him — yes, she was drunk, but that’s her boyfriend’s older brother. He’s a grown man. … Instead of reacting the way I thought he would, Monse revealed he wasn’t mad because he felt like they’d evened the score.

Who is Oscar wife On My Block?

“Isabel” is a reccuring character on 4th season of the Netflix series “On My Block”. She is portrayed by Andrea Cortés.

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