is kacey musgraves married

Is Kacey Musgraves in a relationship?

Meet her new boyfriend Cole Shafer! In a new interview with The New York Times, Kacey revealed she has been seeing Cole Shafer since June 2021. They met in New York City, and Kacey told the outlet that they met in true Romeo and Juliet fashion after locking eyes across the room at a restaurant.

Did Kacey Musgraves and her husband split up?

Not her “Golden Hour.” Kacey Musgraves has slowly opened up more and more about her divorce from Ruston Kelly — and she’s ready to fully heal from the heartbreak. The musicians tied the knot in October 2017 after sparking their romance the previous year. In July 2020, they announced they were going their separate ways.

What ended Kacey Musgraves marriage?

Musgraves said the COVID-19 pandemic was the beginning of the end of her marriage to Kelly. Instead of “not paying attention to my feelings or not really dealing with some things,” Musgraves said the lockdown forced her to deeply reflect on her emotions.

Is Kacey Musgraves still married 2020?

Musgraves and Kelly, 32, filed for divorce in 2020 after nearly three years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in September, after they announced their split in July of that year. In February, the Grammy winner said their marriage “just simply didn’t work out.

Who is Kacey Musgraves dating right now?

Kacey Musgraves Cuddles Up to Boyfriend Cole Schafer in Photos from Met Gala Afterparty. Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer’s relationship is going strong! The 33-year-old singer, who released her latest album, Star-Crossed, earlier this month, shared new photos with the writer to Instagram on Wednesday.

How did Kacey Musgraves meet her new boyfriend?

The “Star-Crossed” singer, 33, revealed in a new interview with The New York Times that she and Schafer met for the first time after locking eyes in a crowded restaurant, in true Romeo and Juliet fashion. “He did not know who I was, which I loved,” Musgraves told the outlet.

Does Kacey Musgraves write her songs?

Kacey Musgraves has written her own hit songs that have earned her Grammy awards, but she doesn’t keep all the talent for herself. The artist has written for other singers as well.

What happened Kasey musgraves?

The duo also made sure to show each other love in the public announcement explaining that they “were put into each other’s lives for a divine reason and have both changed each other infinitely for the better.” But for anyone looking for a reason as to why the couple split, they stated, “It simply just didn’t work.”Sep 10, 2021

Does Kacey Musgraves wear hair extensions?

Aside from her hair, Kacey has also been criticized for her interaction with Prince Harry. Apparently, when Kacey met Prince Harry at the Royal Variety Performance four years ago, back in 2015, she gave the royal a high five, according to People. … Regardless if she does wear a wig, her hair is entirely her business.

What does Cole Schafer do?

He is a popular creative author, writer, and poet. Cole has written several books like After Her, One Minute, Please?, and more. Cole also runs an online business called ‘Honey Copy’ where he provides professional copywriting.

What songs did Kacey Musgraves sing on SNL?

Kacey Musgraves didn’t hold back on the season 47 premiere of Saturday Night Live! The Grammy winner, 33, served as the musical guest to host Owen Wilson on SNL, delivering emotional performances of “justified” and “camera roll” from her fifth studio album, Star-Crossed.

Who is Dr Onuoha?

Onuoha is a Nashville-based doctor. Onuoha works at Nashville’s HCA Healthcare in internal medicine, according to his LinkedIn site. He studied at Tennessee State University, then went to Meharry Medical College. He later got his masters at Dartmouth College.

How did Cole Schafer and Kacey Musgraves meet?

The Grammy winner was first spotted with Schafer in June, and told The New York Times they first met after locking eyes in a crowded restaurant. “He did not know who I was, which I loved,” Musgraves told the outlet of Schafer, a writer who works in advertising and publishes poetry on the side, according to his website.

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