is katie parla married

Is Katie Parla Italian?

A Rome-based Italian-American journalist, Katie Parla lives and breathes Roman culture and cuisine. Originally from New Jersey, Parla graduated from Yale with a degree in art history, before pursuing a sommelier certificate and master’s in Italian gastronomic culture.

What does Katie Parla do for a living?

Katie Parla: I live in Rome, Italy, where I am a freelance food and beverage journalist, culinary guide, cookbook author, and co-host of the podcast Gola. Everything I do is related to food and drinks, so I spend a lot of time researching those topics, eating and drinking, and telling people about what I discover.13 dec. 2019

Where did Katie Parla grow up?

Parla grew up in West Windsor, where her mother, Jo Ann, does cooking demos at the farmers’ market. The entire food-centric family will be on hand for the signing, which Parla says will include “mingling, sparkling wine and snacks made from recipes in the book.”5 apr. 2016

Where in NJ is Katie Parla from?

Parla, who grew up in Princeton Junction, has now spent 16 years in Italy. She has become an exuberant ambassador. Parla has a degree in art history from Yale and a master’s degree from the University of Rome, where she studied Italian gastronomic culture.5 maj 2019

What should I order at Roscioli Rome?

To start, go for the burrata, butter and anchovies on toast, mortadella, and buffalo ricotta, and follow them up with a simple pasta like cacio e pepe or gricia. Roscioli books up at least a few days in advance, but you can usually snag a seat or two at the bar in the late afternoon or late evening.

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