is kevin shelley married

What is Kevin Shelley doing now?

In 2017 Kevin Shelly quit his ‘bricks and mortar’ lifestyle, bought a canal boat, and set out to explore 2,500 miles of the UK’s inland waterways. He began to document his lifestyle change with videos that became increasingly popular. There are now six seasons to watch (40 episodes) with a seventh series on the way.

What did Kevin Shelley do for a living?

Kevin Shelley is a director and actor, known for Travels by Narrowboat (2018).

Who is Shelley narrowboat?

Travels By Narrowboat is a show about Kevin Shelley, a man that gave up the normal life to live on a narrowboat. He sold his house and bought a narrowboat called “Aslan” to cruise the canals of the UK. It is filmed in an amatuar style; It’s just Kevin, his boat and his camera.24 aug. 2020

Where is Kevin Shelley from?

San Francisco, California, U.S.

Will there be a season7 of travels by narrowboat?

When Amazon Prime is up to date, Season 6 will be released onto both Amazon & Vimeo – followed later in the year (or early next year) by Season 7.

How many seasons of country house Gent are there?

On Vimeo On Demand, you will find all 6 Seasons of my Narrow Boat travel series so far, as well as several FREE episodes, including 2 Christmas Specials. So join me as I explore the English canal system and even enjoy cooking some tasty food along the way. Thank you and enjoy.

Who is the country house gent?

Back in early 2016 and with his 50th birthday around the corner, Kevin Shelley (AKA CountryHouseGent) could feel the longtime stresses and strains of his modern lifestyle beginning to have a very real and serious effect – both mentally and physically.

Who are foxes afloat?

Colin and Shaun Dobson-Fox sold their house two years ago to move onto a narrowboat. Their YouTube channel Foxes Afloat now has more than 130,000 subscribers, making them celebrities in the canal boating community. Originally from Yorkshire, they now consider the East Midlands to be their canal home.

Where was country house Gent attacked?

A gang of 18 teenage thugs terrorised the owners of two canal boats by hurling stones and jumping on their barges to try and stop them going through a lock. The boaters were attempting to navigate a lock on the Rochdale Canal in Failsworth, Oldham, when the hooded youths approached them.8 sep. 2017

Is the Lancaster Canal navigable?

The Lancaster Canal was originally built from Wigan to Canal Head in Kendal. The southern section later became part of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal from Wigan to Johnson’s Hillock. The canal ends in Kendal but it is only navigable to Tewitfield.

Who is Colin Dobson Fox?

Colin Dobson-Fox is best known for producing and directing ‘Britain by Narrowboat’ which was first released on Amazon Prime Video in June 2020. The series was developed on the back of a hugely successful YouTube series which began in May 2018 documenting the build of a canal narrowboat and subsequent life aboard.

Are foxes afloat a couple?

Colin Dobson and Shaun Dobson are the happily married couple who now features their daily vlogs on the Youtube channel. … The Foxes came to fame with the Foxes Afloat YouTube channel, where they post vlogs documenting their canal adventures. The pair will be soon featuring in their new narrowboat called Silver Fox.

How long have Colin and Shaun been together?

The couple, who have been together 29 years, are now YouTube stars with nearly 90,000 subscribers and they have also appeared on television. Currently under lockdown in Derbyshire due to coronavirus, Colin and Shaun have remained busy filming their everyday lives for the.

Where is Holly the cafe boat?

Viewers can follow Holly’s restoration from rusty wreck to a beautiful, fully kitted out café boat, which has just begun to serve customers. Currently moored on the Trent & Mersey Canal, they plan to move around once restrictions lift, so look out for them on a canal bank near you.

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