is kevin sorbo married

Where do Kevin and Sam Sorbo live?

Muscle-bound actor Kevin Sorbo, known for portraying Hercules and other strongman heroes, and his actress wife, Sam, who sometimes uses the last name Jenkins, have listed their estate in Westlake Village at $3.75 million. A long, tree-lined drive leads to the Mediterranean-style villa in the North Ranch area.

Did Kevin Sorbo have a stroke?

Sorba had a one in 75 million chance of suffering both an aneurysm and a stroke — and he did. For the first time, Sorbo recounts what it was like having three strokes while filming one of the most popular shows on television, and he reveals how he made a health comeback.

Does Kevin Sorbo have a brother?

Scott SorboTom Sorbo

Does Kevin Sorbo have a son?

Braeden SorboShane Haaken Sorbo

Where did Kevin Sorbo meet his wife?

“I met him on the set of ‘Hercules. ‘ I played a princess.” They met in 1996 and married in 1998, she said. Sam Sorbo got the story idea for “Let There Be Light” and co-wrote it with producer Dan Gordon.

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