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Who is Kim Gardner in St Louis?

Kim Gardner is the Circuit Attorney for the City of St. Louis effective January 6, 2017.

How long has Kim Gardner been in office?

Kimberly GardnerKim GardnerAssumed office January 1, 2017Preceded byJennifer JoyceMember of the Missouri House of Representatives from the 77th districtIn office January 9, 2013 – January 1, 2017Nog 11 rijen

Who is the prosecuting attorney for St Louis?

A Leader in Criminal Justice Reform Wesley Bell is the Prosecuting Attorney for St. Louis County, Missouri. He was sworn in to office at 12:01am on January 1st, 2019 and is the first African American to serve in this position.

When did Kim Gardner become circuit attorney?

Gardner, the city’s first Black circuit attorney, took office in January 2017 on a pledge to rebuild trust in the criminal justice system. She pledged to focus on violent crime and reorganize what she called a “top-heavy” office.26 sep. 2021

Who is the Missouri attorney general?

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – In a press conference earlier today, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced that his Office has finalized historic opioid settlements with Johnson & Johnson and major opioid distributors (McKesson, Cardinal Health, and AmerisourceBergen).

How much does the St Louis County Executive make?

The county charter sets pay for the county executive at $140,000 a year. In the city of St. Louis, the 28 members of the Board of Aldermen each are paid $37,000 annually, and have a taxable $4,200 expense fund.13 jan. 2022

How much does a prosecutor make?

How much does a Prosecutor make in London, UK? How much does a Prosecutor make in London, UK? The average salary for a Prosecutor is £24,170 in London, UK. Salaries estimates are based on 386 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Prosecutor employees in London, UK.

How do you spell prosecuting attorney?

the public officer in a county, district, or other jurisdiction charged with carrying on the prosecution in criminal proceedings.

When was the last time a Republican was mayor of St Louis?

Kaufmann was elected to his own term of office in 1945, the last time a Republican has been elected mayor of the city. During his time as mayor, Kaufmann worked to pass a $43 million bond issue, which was approved by the voters in April 1944.

How do I contact the mayor of St Louis?

Contact InfoPhone: (314) 622-3201.Address: 1200 Market. City Hall Room 200.Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM. Monday through Friday.

Who was the first mayor of East St Louis?

Louis mayor) – Wikipedia….William E. Mason (East St. Louis mayor)William E. MasonPreceded byJames E. WilliamsSucceeded byCarl E. OfficerPersonal detailsBorn1933/1934 (age 87–88)Nog 6 rijen

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