is kim mulkey married

Did Kim Mulkey get married?

Yes, Kim is engaged with Randy Robertson. They both got married in the year 1987. They both met at Louisiana Tech, where she had been the starting quarterback for the Bulldogs for the 1974 and 1975 seasons. But unfortunately, this relationship didn’t last for a long time, and they got divorced in 2006.

Where is Kim Mulkey now?

Louisiana State University After 21 seasons as the head coach at Baylor, Mulkey was announced as head coach at LSU on April 25, 2021.

Is Nicki Collen married?

Personal life. Collen is married to basketball coach Tom Collen. The couple have three children. The two met when Tom was an assistant at Purdue when she played there and then he later hired her as his assistant at Colorado State.

Who is Kim Mulkey son?

Mulkey was the first woman to win a national title as a player and a coach. Perhaps her strongest connection to LSU is her son, Kramer Robertson. He played baseball for the Tigers. Mulkey will inherit a program that has not been to the final four since its remarkable five straight run that ended in 2008.25 apr. 2021

Did Mulkey leave Baylor?

Hall of Fame women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey leaves Baylor for LSU.25 apr. 2021

How much does Kim Mulkey make?

New LSU women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey will earn about $2.5 million at the beginning of an eight-year contract, according to a signed term sheet between Mulkey and the school released Wednesday.

Is Kim Mulkey still coaching?

But entering 2021–22, Mulkey is looking to win a championship with a new program. LSU hired Mulkey as its coach in April, ending her 21-year run in Waco. She will look to bring LSU to its first Final Four since 2008 this season, and another championship for Mulkey would mark the first in Lady Tigers history.10 nov. 2021

How much did Kim Mulkey make at Baylor?

Mulkey was reported to have made $2.27 million at Baylor. Her new deal will likely make her the highest-paid coach in women’s college basketball.28 apr. 2021

What is Pokey Chatman doing now?

Seattle Storm. On January 21, 2022, Chatman was announced as a new assistant coach of the Seattle Storm.

Is Gary Blair married?

Family and personal. Blair is married to Kyla Blair and has two children named Paige and Matt, as well as a grandson named Logan.

Why would Mulkey leave Baylor?

As a player at Louisiana Tech, Mulkey won an AIAW title and NCAA championship, and her teams were 130-6. … Instead of taking over at Louisiana Tech, she left for Baylor, replacing her former Lady Techsters coach Sonja Hogg in Waco. There was no tradition at Baylor to lure recruits, so Mulkey had to sell her own success.26 apr. 2021

How Much Will Kim Mulkey make at LSU?

Mulkey will make about $2.5 million in the first year of her deal at LSU. Her salary will then increase incrementally until it reaches about $3.3 million at the end of her eight-year contract in 2029.5 aug. 2021

Who is Baylor’s new women’s basketball coach?

Replacing a program legend is never easy, but the Bears’ new coach is doing things her way in Year 1 in Waco. Nicki Collen was mindful of her predecessor when she was named Baylor’s coach in May.23 dec. 2021

Is Tom Collen still coaching?

Thomas Duane Collen (born December 21, 1953) is an American college basketball coach who was most recently the women’s basketball head coach at the University of Arkansas….Tom Collen.Biographical details1997–2002Colorado State2003–2007Louisville2007–2014ArkansasHead coaching recordNog 10 rijen

Who is Kim Mulkey parents?

Born Kim Mulkey, May 17, 1962, in Hammond, LA; daughter of Les and Dru (a medical assistant) Mulkey; married Randy Robertson (a public relations firm owner), 1987; children: Mackenzie, Kramer.

Who are the SEC women’s basketball coaches?

Head coachesTeamHead coachSEC recordLSUNikki Fargas75–69Mississippi StateNikki McCray-Penson0–0MissouriRobin Pingeton64–64Ole MissYolett McPhee-McCuin3–29Nog 10 rijen

Who did Kim Mulkey replace?

Mulkey replaces Nikki Fargas, who stepped down earlier this week. We are who we are because of you. In 21 years as the head coach at Baylor, Mulkey led the Lady Bears to four Final Fours, winning three national titles.25 apr. 2021

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