is kristian alfonso married

Is Kristian Alfonso still married?

Kristian-Joy Alfonso (born September 5, 1963) is an American actress, former figure skater and fashion model….Kristian AlfonsoOccupationActressYears active1981–presentSpouse(s)Simon Macauley ​ ​ (1987⁠–⁠1991)​ Danny Daggenhurst ​ ​ ( m. 2001)​Children33 more rows

What does Kristian Alfonso husband do?

Danny Daggenhurst is a businessman of British origin who owns a business of palm oils in Bangkok. He rose to fame when he got married to the American actress and model, Kristian Alfonso. Danny’s social media presence is minimal as you can see his pictures on Kristian’s Instagram account.

Who is Danny Daggenhurst married to?

Kristian Alfonsom. 2001Nabila Khashoggim. 1992–1998

How many kids did Bo Brady have?

Days of Our LivesShowRelationshipsSpousesHope Williams Brady (1985–95, 2000–12, 2013–14) Carly Manning (1992) Billie Reed (1995, 1997–98)ChildrenShawn Douglas Brady Zack Brady † Chelsea Brady Ciara BradyGrandchildrenClaire BradyGrandparentsPeter Brady † (legal) Yurgos Kiriakis † Sophie Kiriakis †7 more rows

Are Bo and Hope still together?

Bo and Hope currently live together with their new born daughter Ciara Brady, who got her name through a viewer vote.

Who is Christina Alfonso married to?

Danny Daggenhurstm. 2001Simon Macauleym. 1987–1991

How many Bo does Days of Our Lives have?

Bo BradyPeter Reckell as Bo BradyDays of Our Lives characterPortrayed byPeter Reckell (1983–1992, 1995–2016) Robert Kelker-Kelly (1992–1995)Duration1983–1987 1990–2012 2015–20169 more rows

How much is hope from days of our lives worth?

Kristian Alfonso net worth: Kristian Alfonso is an American actress, model, and former figure skater who has a net worth of $5 million.

How old is Ciara on Days of Our Lives?

Brooklyn, New York, U.S. Victoria Konefal (born October 29, 1996) is an American actress. She has portrayed Ciara Brady on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives since 2017….Filmography.Year2017TitleThe Wrong CrushRoleAmeliaNotesTelevision film6 more columns

How old is Kristen on DOOL?

Kristen DiMeraBornJuly 11, 1964Age55OccupationBusinesswoman Social workerResidenceSalem, Illinois15 more rows

How old is hope Brady in real life?

Hope BradyBornDecember 24, 1964Age56OccupationFormer Detective Former Police officer Former Bounty hunter Former Private investigator Former ModelResidenceSalem, Illinois15 more rows

Is Danny Daggenhurst an actor?

Well, he is also famous because he is the husband of the very famous actress Kristian Alfonso. Danny Daggenhurst’s father is the former Greek Ambassador of Czechoslovakia….Danny Daggenhurst Biography.Real NameDanny DaggenhurstNationalityAmericanGenderMaleEthnicityWhite CaucasianReligionChristianity10 more rows

Are John and Marlena still together?

After he received a cure for his disease, Roman eventually found out that John and Marlena were together and he was not happy. Roman tried to win Marlena back, but it couldn’t be done, her love was with John. He decided to let John and Marlena finally be together and became engaged again.

Who is Brady Black’s son?

Tate Donovan Black is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. He is the son of Brady Black and Theresa Donovan. He is the first child for both Brady and Theresa, and the first grandchild of Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady. He is the second grandchild of John Black and Isabella Toscano.

Did Carrie and Austin have a baby?

Nevertheless, Carrie and Austin stay together and begin planning their wedding. However, Sami stops the ceremony by revealing that she is pregnant with Austin’s child. At the time, Sami believes that Austin was the father, but she later learns that Lucas is the true father.

Why did Bo leave Days?

Days of our Lives: When Last Seen Reckell’s return, no matter how long or short, is music to Days of our Lives fans’ ears. They were aghast when the soap brought Bo Brady back in 2015 for the show’s 50th anniversary, only to reveal he had a terminal brain tumor.

What was Bo and Hope’s song on Days of Our Lives?

As Liz sings their theme song, “Tonight I Celebrate My Love,” Bo and Hope dance and remember their epic Days of Our Lives (DOOL) romance.

Are Beau and Hope still on Days of Our Lives?

While Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso, the actors who brought Bo and Hope to life, are no longer on the show, their popularity lives on.

Who is Deidre Hall married to?

Steve Sohmerm. 1991–2006Michael J. Dubelkom. 1987–1989Keith Barbourm. 1972–1977William Hudsonm. 1966–1970

Who played Hope Brady before Kristian Alfonso?

Hope Williams BradyPortrayed byKristina Osterhout (1974) Kimberly Weber (1974–1975) Natasha Ryan (1975–1980) Tammy Taylor (1981–1982) Kristian Alfonso (1983–2020) Mila Kunis (1994)Duration1974–1987 1990 1994–2020First appearanceJanuary 10, 1974Last appearanceOctober 14, 202010 more rows

Is Melissa Reeves still married?

Reeves was born in Eatontown, New Jersey. Since March 1990, she has been married to soap opera actor and country music singer Scott Reeves. They have 2 children: Emily Taylor Reeves (born June 23, 1992) and Lawrence “Larry” David Reeves (born August 4, 1997).

How old is Doug on Days of Our Lives?

Doug WilliamsBornJanuary 1,1926Age94OccupationRetired Former Owner of Doug’s Place Former Singer at Sergio’s Former Mayor of Salem Former Con-manResidenceSalem, Illinois12 more rows

Where is Peter Reckell from Days of Our Lives?

They divorced in 1991. Reckell married Kelly Moneymaker on April 18, 1998. Their daughter, Loden Sloan, was born on October 25, 2007. They now reside in New Zealand.

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