is krystal ball married

Is Krystal ball real name?

King George County, Virginia, U.S. Krystal Marie Ball (born November 24, 1981) is an American political commentator.

Who is Krystal balls husband?

Jonathan R. Dariyananigeh. 2008Aaron Petersongeh. 2006–2007

What is crystal ball’s net worth?

Krystal Ball WikiFull NameKrystal BallNet Worth$14 MillionDate Of Birth1981-11-24OccupationSmall business owner, accountant, political commentatorProfessionTelevision presenter, Commentator, Certified Public Accountant, BusinesspersonNog 10 rijen

When did Krystal Ball get married?

2008 (Jonathan R. Dariyanani)13 mei 2006 (Aaron Peterson)

What happened to rising Krystal and Saagar?

In May 2021, Ball and Enjeti announced they were departing in order to release their own independent project, Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar. They were temporarily replaced with Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky.

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