is laura numeroff married

How old is Laura Numeroff?

Laura Joffe Numeroff (born July 14, 1953) is an American author and illustrator of children’s books who is best known as the author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Does Laura Numeroff have a dog?

“You couldn’t help falling in love with Ellie,” said Numeroff. “She was a very special dog, and I miss her very much. … “I’m a dog lover big-time, and this happened to be an Australian Sheepdog, which is a breed of dog that I also have had as a pet, and loved,” she recalled.

Why did Laura Numeroff Write If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

They just wanted to entertain children and enjoy the absurdity of animals eating human food. Numeroff says the idea for the book came to her on a long car trip in 1981. In a bid to stave off boredom, she imagined the mouse and his cookie after first considering a zebra eating Cheetos and a gorilla eating pizza.

Why is Laura Numeroff important?

A New York Times best-selling children’s book author, Laura Joffe Numeroff is best known for the series based on her book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. … In addition, the series has sold over 4.5 million copies, been printed in fourteen languages, and won the prestigious Quill Award in the picture book category.

What is the mouse name in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

The entire story is told in second person. A boy named Oliver gives a cookie to a mouse named Bruce. The mouse asks for a glass of milk. He then requests a straw (to drink the milk), a mirror (to avoid a milk mustache), nail scissors (to trim his hair in the mirror), and a broom (to sweep up his hair trimmings).

What was Laura Numeroffs first book?

In her senior year of college, Numeroff wrote and illustrated her first book, Amy for Short, which was published in 1975. She went on to write, illustrate and publish nine titles before hitting fame in 1985 with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, a circular story with an easy to remember, predictable pattern.

Who is the publisher of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

Product DetailsISBN-13:9780064434096Publisher:HarperCollins PublishersPublication date:01/10/1997Series:If You Give… SeriesEdition description:Big Book EditionAltre 4 righe

How many books are in the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Series?

This 6-book collection is a charming introduction to the beloved classic If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and the perennial favorite If You Give…

How many pages is the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake?

Product DetailsISBN-13:9780064436632Publication date:04/05/2000Series:If You Give… SeriesEdition description:Big Book EditionPages:32Altre 5 righe•5 apr 2000

What is the story If You Give a Pig a Pancake about?

The classic book follows the story of a little pig who climbs into a little girl’s window after she offers him a pancake and follows a series of hilarious events that all build on one another. The style of the story goes “if (insert previous silly thing)…. then (insert another silly thing), etc.8 mar 2017

What is the point of If You Give a Pig a Pancake?

If You Give a Pig a Pancake is a circular story meaning that it starts and ends in the same place. Pig gets a pancake and then asks for syrup to go with it. The syrup makes the pig sticky so then she wants a bath.3 nov 2021

Who wrote If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

Take “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” the children’s book written by Laura Joffe Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond.

How do you raise a hero?

Here’s how we can make it more likely we raise heroes than bystanders:Foster their Heroic Imaginations. … Teach kids they have the power to resolve a conflict. … Model care and empathy towards others, while downplaying the importance of achievement outcomes. … Express the expectation that kids will act heroically.

What is the moral of If You Give a moose a muffin?

If a big hungry moose comes to visit, you might give him a muffin to make him feel at home. If you give him a muffin, he’ll want some jam to go with it. When he’s eaten all your muffins, he’ll want to go to the store to get some more muffin mix.

Is cat from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie a girl?

In this series, Cat is portrayed as a girl. However, in the book, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, Cat is portrayed as a boy.

What does If You Give a Mouse a Cookie teach kids?

You Teach Cause and Effect. Help kids understand the importance of personal responsibility with this fun story. (It will make life so much easier, promise!)18 gen 2019

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