is laura zerra married

Where is Laura zerra now?

Zerra is a self-proclaimed nomad, and she walks the talk. If she’s not traveling, something is amiss. Yet there are two places she does call home — her current abode in Missoula, Montana, and New Hampshire.19.05.2021

What episode is Laura Zerra?

Clint Jivoin and Laura Zerra are Naked and Afraid on a Panamanian island for 21 days.

What season is frozen and afraid?

Naked & Afraid – Season 10 Episode 2: Frozen and Afraid – Metacritic.03.03.2019

Does Jeff date Laura?

Naked and Afraid: Are Jeff and Laura dating? Despite many fans rooting for the show duo to get together, it looks like nothing further than being friends took place between them. Jeff is in a relationship though, with musician Erin Munoz. … Laura, on the other hand, does not appear to be in a relationship.28.06.2021

What is Laura’s PSR?

Alums EJ “Skullcrusher” Synder and Laura Zerra are tied for the top spot, with PSRs of 9.1 EJ and Laura have both appeared on Naked and Afraid three times, including the first season of XL in 2015.29.03.2021

How old is Laura on Naked and Afraid?

Laura Zerra is focused. The 35-year-old reality television star and social media influencer sits in an ice shack on a frozen river in South Dakota, her gloved hand tapping an 8-foot steel spear.11.04.2021

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