is ldshadowlady married

Who is SmallishBeans wife?

He plays games with his wife Lizzie, a.k.a. LDShadowLady, a fellow YouTuber he met at GameFest. After she saw his dance skills, she began talking with him. He proposed to her at the beginning of November of 2017. Joel and Lizzie got married on May 11, 2019.

What does Ld mean in LDShadowLady?

Lizzie is often asked how she got her username; the LD in her username stands for her initials ‘Lizzie D’. She has previously mentioned that her username was inspired by her favourite YouTuber of the time ‘NDTitanLady’.

Is Shubble straight?

Shubble came out as asexual in Anthony Padilla’s channel. As of 2021, she continues to participate in the MC Championships.

Do LDShadowLady and SmallishBeans live together?

SmallishBeans has been dating Lizzie, best known by her online alias LDShadowLady since January 2012. … unfortunately, at that time he was dating someone else but luckily they still got together. Joel later proposed to Lizzie in November 2017. Joel and Lizzie are now happily married.

How old is LDShadowLady’s cat?

🌼🌺 LDShadowLady 🌺🌼 on Twitter: “And this is Buddy, he’s our 4 year old majestic cat” / Twitter.

What is LDShadowLady’s full name?

Elizabeth “Lizzie” D. (born: October 7, 1992 (1992-10-07) [age 29]), better known online as LDShadowLady, is an English YouTuber known for her Minecraft gameplays. She is best known for her Minecraft single-player series, Shadowcraft and Shadowcraft 2.0, and her quirky sense of humor.

What is LDShadowLady’s Minecraft name?

LDShadowLady’s real name is not revealed in the credits, making her to the only character in Minecraft: Story Mode that doesn’t show her real name. Her real name is Elizabeth Dwyer.

Where does Nihachu live now?

Niki currently lives in Brighton, England, with her cat Zuko, and her roommate Rhianna who has a ferret named Pooh Bear and a cat named Toph. She announced on Twitter that she has been struggling her whole life with eating disorders, disordered eating and body dysmorphia.

How old is Nihachu?

Nihachu was born on 3 November 2001. Nihachu is 20 years old.

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