is leo holder married

What does Leo Holder do?

Not so for Leo Holder, a gifted graphic artist and asst. art director of film and television (A Beautiful Mind, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Inside Man, Law & Order, Bored to Death, etc.)

Where does Carmen de Lavallade live now?

The actor, dancer and choreographer Carmen de Lavallade, 83, lives in a two-bedroom apartment in a prewar rental on the Upper West Side where she’s surrounded by sculptures and paintings by her late husband, Geoffrey Holder, the performer, Tony Award-winning director and costume designer and 7-Up pitchman.20 feb. 2015

What happened Geoffrey Holder?

Geoffrey Holder, the Tony-winning director and costume designer from Trinidad who brought an exuberant style to his work in dance, theater, movies and even a series of soft drink commercials, died of complications of pneumonia Sunday at a New York hospital.6 okt. 2014

Who was the 7UP man?

Geoffrey Holder – the actor, dancer and director whose “Uncola” spot for 7UP proved one of the best ads of the 20th century died on Sunday of complications from pneumonia. Trinidadian-born Mr. Holder was of 84. In the 1970s, Mr.7 okt. 2014

Where is Geoffrey Holder?

Geoffrey Lamont Holder was born on August 1, 1930, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago as the youngest of five children to Barbadian immigrants Louise de Frense and Arthur Holder.

Who did Carmen de Lavallade marry?

At 83, Dancer Carmen De Lavallade Looks Back At A Life Spent Onstage De Lavallade’s husband of 59 years, dancer Geoffrey Holder, died on Oct. 5. “He was my biggest fan and I was the same way with him,” she says. De Lavallade’s one-woman show is called As I Remember It.28 okt. 2014

What is Carmen de Lavallade known for?

Carmen de Lavallade has had an unparalleled career in dance, theater, film and television beginning in her hometown of Los Angeles performing with the Lester Horton Dance Theater.3 maj 2014

How do you pronounce Carmen de Lavallade?

Phonetic spelling of Carmen De Lavallade. K-AA-R-m-eh-n də-LÄV-ə-läd.Meanings for Carmen De Lavallade.Translations of Carmen De Lavallade. Arabic : كارمن دي Lavallade.

What happened to the cola nut guy?

Geoffrey Holder died on Sunday from pneumonia at the age of 84.7 okt. 2014

What does the red dot on 7UP mean?

A RED EYE. This comes from an urban legend about 7up inventor Charles Leiper Grigg, who was claimed to be an albino. There are no official references to Grigg having been an albino and in photographs his eyes look normally pigmented. The 7-up logo with the red dot came into use in the 1970s, long after Grigg had died.30 jan. 2014

What is the Uncola?

(redirected from Uncola) Acronym. Definition. UN. United Nations.

Who is the black guy in the Sprite commercial?

Orlando JonesJones in 2010BornApril 10, 1968 Mobile, Alabama, U.S.Mediumcharacter actor, sketch comedyYears active1987–present3 rader till

What movie is holder in?

Besides Game of Thrones, which was his very first acting gig and delivered a tragic ending for his character, Kristian Nairn has appeared in the films The Four Warriors, The Appearance and Robin Hood: The Rebellion, along with TV shows Ripper Street, The Sidemen Show and The Rookie.

Who played the UMPA Lumpas?

Deep RoyBornMohinder Purba 1 December 1957 Nairobi, Kenya ColonyOther namesGurdeepOccupationActor stuntman puppeteerYears active1976–present3 rader till

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