is letitia perry married

What happened Letitia Perry?

WHIO Anchor Letitia Perry had shoulder surgery earlier this month and is recovering at home. She’ll be returning to the anchor desk later this summer. She left the following message to viewers.

Where is Letitia Perry now?

‘ I was raised as a Christian, and grew up in one of the oldest churches in Dayton; Mount Olive Baptist Church. I am currently a member of St. Luke Baptist Church.

Who is Letitia Perry?

Perry has been co-anchor of News Center 7 at 11pm for the past six years, and is in her 12th year with WHIO-TV. “Letitia will be a wonderful addition to the News Center 7 Daybreak crew,” says David Bennallack, Senior News & Programming Leader at WHIO-TV.

Who is Gabrielle Enright married to?

I am an animal lover. My husband Jeff and I live on a farm just outside Xenia. Right now we have two house cats, one barn cat and two Labrador retrievers.

How long has Cheryl McHenry been on Channel 7?

Viewers of WHIO-TV (Channel 7), have enjoyed getting their news from McHenry for forty years. In August of 1981, she joined WHIO as a reporter and her career has blossomed ever since.

Where is Molly Coates now?

Molly is pursuing her career in journalism. she is working as a meteorologist at WHIO since 2018.

Who is Gabrielle Enright?

Gabrielle Enright (@GEnrightWHIO) / Twitter. I’m an Anchor/Reporter for WHIO-TV in Dayton, Ohio. I tweet about news, life and the odd things I see.

Is Cheryl McHenry retiring?

First Black woman elected to Dayton Municipal Court reflects on 42 years behind the bench. Alice McCollum, the first woman and first Black woman elected to the Dayton Municipal Court, talked with News Center 7’s Cheryl McHenry after retiring from 42 years of service to the community.

Who is chief meteorologist at WHIO?

Chief Meteorologist McCall Vrydaghs on climate change + heat – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio.

How old is Jim Baldridge Dayton?

Baldridge plans to remain in the Miami Valley upon his retirement. “My wife Sue and I expect that the Dayton area will always be our home. We love to travel and to spend time with our children and our grandchildren, but we have many friends and many wonderful memories here.” About Jim Baldridge: Will be 62 in August.

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