is lil mo still married

Is Karl Dargan married?

In October 2014, Dargan married American entertainer Lil’ Mo (whose real name is Cynthia Loving). Dargan appeared occasionally alongside Loving on the reality television show R&B Divas: Los Angeles during the show’s second and third seasons in 2014 and 2015. The couple had a child, a son Karl Dargan Jr.

Is Lil Moe married?

Karl Darganm. 2014–2019Phillip Bryantm. 2008–2014Gus Stonem. 2001–2007

Is Fabolous and Lil Mo related?

One artist who hasn’t been afraid to speak up is Lil Mo. The singer and Fab are good friends, having been featured on each other’s records several times over the span of both of their careers. In a recent interview with REVOLT, the Love & Hip Hop star refused to condemn her “Superwoman” collaborator.6 apr. 2018

Did Karl Dargan cheat on Lil Mo?

AceShowbiz – Lil Mo opened up on her tumultuous relationship with estranged husband, pro boxer Karl Dargan. He was hit with numerous cheating allegations during their five years of marriage and his abusive behavior was the final straw for her.25 dec. 2019

Who is Lil Moe married to?

Karl Darganm. 2014–2019Phillip Bryantm. 2008–2014Gus Stonem. 2001–2007

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