is lil nas x married

Is Lil Nas X married to a guy?

In a bonkers clip from the Wednesday, Nov. 17 edition of “Maury”, rapper Lil Nas X (identified as “Montero”) is confronted with the truth about his boyfriend, “love of his life” Yai, who has been keeping a big secret: he’s married — to a woman!11 nov. 2021

Who is Lil Nas in a relationship with?

The boyfriend in question is Yai Ariza, a dancer living in Los Angeles. He’s shown up in plenty of Nas’ previous work. He also locked lips with the singer on the BET Awards stage and licked his neck on Saturday Night Live, causing a frenzy across the internet both times.1 okt. 2021

Who is Monteros boyfriend?

In a trailer preceding the release of the full video on Wednesday, Montero, aka Lil Nas X, finds out his boyfriend Yai Ariza is married to a woman named Ashley who doesn’t know about the affair. Ashley has a four-year-old child named Noah, and it’s also unclear whether Ariza is the father.17 nov. 2021

Is Montero engaged?

KC Montero got engaged to girlfriend Stephanie Dods on Christmas Day. In a series of pictures on Instagram, the Fil-Am TV host and actor shared how he proposed to Dods atop a picturesque California hill. “We walked up a hill, and then I asked her a question, and she said yes,” Montero, 39, narrated.28 dec. 2017

Is Montero married?

Lil Nas X just delivered the cross-over event we never knew we needed. In a hilarious, over-the-top fictional segment on The Maury Show, Lil Nas X a.k.a. Montero Hill confronts his then-boyfriend Yai Ariza after learning he is married to Ashley Davidson and has a 4-year-old son, Noah James.18 nov. 2021

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