is logan sherrill married

Is Logan Sherrill engaged?

WDBJ7’s Logan Sherrill is getting married! CONGRATULATIONS, Logan and Taylor!23 mrt. 2021

Where is Logan Sherrill from?

Logan was born and raised in North Carolina. He attended Western Carolina University where he earned a degree in Communication with a concentration in broadcasting and journalism.

How old is Logan Cheryl?

We see CHERYL, 21, a junior at junior of State.

Who is Logan Sherrill girlfriend?

Taylor Coleman and Logan Sherrill’s Wedding Website – The Knot.30 okt. 2021

What nationality is Melissa Gaona?

Melissa Gaona Biography. Melissa Gaona is an acclaimed American journalist who was born and brought up in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, United States of America.

Where is Kate Capodanno?

Kate Capodanno joined the WDBJ7 news team in May 2019. She initially began telling the stories of Southwest Virginia as a weekend anchor and weekday reporter. In August 2021 she moved to the anchor desk full time.

Who is leaving WDBJ7?

SAYING GOODBYE! Jane Caffrey has been with WDBJ7 three years, and is moving on to Hartford, Connecticut for the next step in her career. What a great run it’s been! Good luck up north, and we will miss you!13 aug. 2021

Was Melissa Gaona in the military?

After high school, Melissa joined the United States Army. She served active duty and worked on diesel engines. Melissa says the experience grounded her and made her appreciate the small things in life. In 2004, she made her way to Texas Tech University and majored in English with an emphasis in creative writing.

Where does Melissa Gaona live?

Melissa Gaona is in Houston, Texas.

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