is logan thirtyacre married

Are Logan and chilly still married?

On Christmas Eve of 2021, Logan and Chilly confirmed they were back together after almost a year of videos with them being friendly. Currently, Chilly is expecting a baby daughter with Logan that’s due in mid-2022.

Does Logan thirtyacre have a child?

On December 25, 2021, Logan has now confirmed he is 100% expecting his first child with Chilly. The gender was revealed as a girl on December 30, 2021.

Who is Logan’s girlfriend SML?

The YouTube star is dating Adriana Fajardo, who a social media star. Previously, Logan was engaged to longtime girlfriend Chilly Jimenez.21 nov. 2021

Are Tito and chilly siblings?

Minelli Chavez Jiménez II (or Jr.), known as Tito and Teeds, or by his online persona Titototter, is an American actor and comedian, puppeteer/plusheteer, a SML cast member, and Chilly Jimenez’s older brother.

How old is Lovell from SML?

Lovell is turning 27 years old in 175 days He provides the voice of several characters on the SuperMarioLogan channel created by Logan Thirtyacre.

Is SML inappropriate?

Sml is a great skit series Not suitable for young audiences. Overall great series and hilarious!

How tall is Logan Thirtyacre in feet?

Logan Thirtyacre WikiLogan ThirtyacreWiki/BioNationalityAmericanReligionChristianityHeightapprox. 5 ft 8 in (1.78 m)Weightapprox. 63 Kg (132 lbs)16 rader till•för 6 dagar sedan

Who is Roy get hard?

Roy Gethard is a former minor antagonist in the SML series. He was the world’s former coolest kid before losing his title to PJ Crenshaw. He is also the main antagonist of The School Dance!, Bowser Junior’s House Party!, and Roy’s Cool Lessons!

Why did SML get demonetized?

His channel was demonetized by YouTube staff because he was using inappropriate use of family entertainment characters. Logan thanked YouTube for the answer and he respected their words.

Is Logan dating chilly?

Drama and Break-up with Logan On February 3, 2020, Logan confirmed on his Instagram story that he and Chilly have been broken up for a month.

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